Let me tell you something about honesty.

I appreciate honesty, I really do. But if it makes you feel better knowing that you’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing while trying to rationalize your actions to make you feel better, then that is completely fucked.

Okay, hang on, background story. I met someone a few weeks ago who I thought might’ve differed from the rest. Wrong. Anywho, things went on and I actually begun to develop a liking for this guy. But then he dropped the bomb on me: he had a girlfriend in Japan! But of course. Obviously this happened after we had shared some “moments” together. No wonder he was trying to give me reasons to not like him. It makes perfect sense now.

Oh hi. You’re probably reading this right now! K, first of all, sucks for your girlfriend cus she absolutely has no fucking clue. Second of all, that was shady and completely unfair to me. Thirdly, it disturbs me that you’re actually okay with this! Pretty you sure you feel 100% okay with all of this because, well, SWEET — you get two girls in two different countries! Congratulations but not because, well, it just doesn’t work that way, “dear”.  Don’t try to kid yourself that you’re a “good guy” cus you’re not fooling anyone anymore.

I’m just feeling a little sorry for myself for actually falling for this shit. Again. Hilarious.


2 Comments on “Let me tell you something about honesty.”

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