The rules of dating.

Want to date me (well who wouldn’t)? Here are my do’s and don’t’s for the fellas:

DO show up on time. I can be late (hardly ever), but you can’t. Thanks.
DON’T make future plans with me if you don’t intend on keeping them. On that note, please refrain from using the term, “we”.
DO chivalry. It’s not dead. Pay the bill, open the door, and walk me to my car. I like that.
DON’T overly make fun of me. I know I’m awkard, but I’m cute so I can pull it off.
DO honesty. From the beginning. Read.
DON’T piss me off. Do you really want to be on my blacklist? Don’t underestimate my ability of ruining your life. There may be (usually is) collateral damage.
DO be yourself. I’m dorky and awkward too. I’m nonjudgmental. I like everyone.

I also like to break the rules a lot. Sometimes I’ll text you first (although I don’t enjoy it), maybe drive to you (only applicable if you live downtown), and not abide by the third date rule (what’s that?). Other than that, what’s not to love?


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