#7 BSCB.

If you guys keep up with my current favourite blog of the moment, Betches Love This, you’d know what a BSCB is aka the “bat shit crazy betch” aka the Token Crazy Friend. Everyone knows I’m crazy. From the the stalkage to the creeping, even to the crazy revenge I have on people, people are smart enough to not mess with me. And lately I’ve been regarded as “psychotic”. Uh, no one needed to tell me that.

Please let me introduce Exhibit A. Yes, my latest flavour of the month week. I’ll take any criticism that it was a bad idea to keep hanging out with this guy even though it was strictly platonic but hey, I was trying to avoid burning bridges. But I pulled a number today that possessed the power of engulfing the fucking Lions Gate Bridge and some. This guy had a girlfriend in Japan, continued to see me, and, well, it just didn’t sit well with me. So I tweeted her and told her what’s up and well, now they are now dunzo. I know. Mean Girls shit right there. And I mean, I do feel a little bad (or maybe not super bad since I’m blogging about it) but, hey, you can’t just do that shit and get away with it. Atleast not with me.

And the moral of the story is why you just don’t fucking mess with me. The end.


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