Arguably the best holiday that’s not a holiday. Hands down. In the midst of being Nicki Minaj and Black Swan, a side of me was presented which could be comparable to Nicki’s alter ego, Roman, or the Black Swan herself. In response to this post, I want to defend myself and say that I’m not a cold-hearted bitch. Sure, that was a really bitchy thing of me to do but (and this is going to sound cliche) it is not reflective of who I am. Anyone who truly knows me will know that I am not like that on a regular basis. Maybe it was fueled due to mother nature, out of spite, jealousy… I can name a few reasons. But anywho, I fucked up and I acknowledge the fact that there isn’t anything I can do to patch it up. I’m actually sorry.

Probably the second time in my life I’ve actually felt truly sorry for some spur of the moment dumb decision I made. So much for maturity. Cheers to being 22.


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