It’s only Wednesday and already it’s been an incredible week for me and my baby biz, Dolce Delights. I am delighted (haha) to announce some very exciting things…

1) I am a semi-finalist in the fourth annual SFU Student Entrepreneur of the Year Competition. Um, what the heck!? Amazing! I am so VERY excited to pitch my business in front of an actual audience in just over a couple of weeks! So far, I’m in the Top 10. Semi-finalists all compete in the morning of Saturday, November 19th, at the Renaissance Harbour Hotel. If successful, I will go onto the Top 4 – Finalists category and compete for the big one….in public! Woot. I am hoping for that. But there is some intense (and familiar) competition! All I gotta say is GIRL POWER.

2) I just received word (nah, it was just an email) that I am a finalist in the first ever, 2011 Notable Awards! Top 4 in the Lifestyles Services category, guys… Your votes and all of your support have gotten me this far and I honestly cannot thank you enough. This is amazingly huge news! And I am super taken aback by it… I am seriously considering flying out next week for the actual awards ceremony in Toronto where the winner will be announced… But wow, an honour, really… Thank you!

And what better way of celebrating with my newfound obsession? Sugar bun from Giovane‘s. F yes.

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