Why are Asians seen as “uncool”?

White people? Cool. Asians? Not so much. Where did that imaginary “rule” originate from? Ever since the beginning of time highschool,  I remember that if you wanted to be respected by your peers, you had to be whitewashed, otherwise, you weren’t viewed as relevant. Now, this may be different for some people depending on what municipality you’re from in the YVR but it definitely rings true for my old highschool.

Asians were nerds. Italians were on top. Why was this so? Most importantly, why do people think this so-called sentiment still rings true? I see peoples’ biographies on twitter or even postings on Facebook like, “the whitest Asian you’ll ever meet” and “whitewashed” and it kind of disturbs me. What makes you “white”? It’s funny because a handful of people would consider me whitewashed… but what does that even mean!? Is it because I don’t necessarily follow the norm or exhibit qualities of what a typical “Asian” person is perceived to be?  What does that mean exactly?

When did it become shameful to embrace your culture? Seriously. It’s borderline disturbing. It reminds of that horrible Maclean’s article on the enrollment controversy arguing that U or T was becoming “too Asian”. Or even that stupid dumb blonde chick bitching about Asians in the library. OR even dating way back to the head tax that was impended on the Chinese when they were immigrated to Canada.

Why is that?


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