Men who don’t call.

I like to think of myself as a decent person. Cute, outgoing, funny, approachable, talented… Hey, I might go as far as claiming that I’m a good catch. But what the hell. I meet this cute guy on the weekend at a party, we exchange numbers, he says he’ll text, no, call me, and, what. Nope. No call. It’s Monday. I’m annoyed. What’s up with that? Why do men do that?  I know you’re probably thinking “he’s just not that into you” but we were both sober and engaged in non-stop conversation! Why must men give us that hope that we continue to lament on for the weekend (not to mention, starting the week off on a sour note) when they can just tell us straight up that they’re not interested?  Honestly.  Saves us girls some time that we could have used to scope out other potentail options. Geez. What gives?


2 Comments on “Men who don’t call.”

  1. Nostaljak says:

    men also struggle with self esteem issue.. no matter how imaginary they are they can be very strong. and since you have a somewhat “high maintenance” look, one might think he is not good enough for you…i know its bullshit but it can be so real…

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