This post is largely overdue. But since the SFU Student Entrepreneur of the Year is finally over (separate post on that later), I actually have a lot some time nowadays to start blogging again! Yay.

Okay, so one of my favourite artists, LIGHTS, came into town last week.  She performed last Tuesday at the Vogue Theatre. Interesting venue. It was my first time there and I honestly much prefer the Commodore, where she performed last time she was here (that show was 19+). I don’t know; there’s just something about seated arrangements in small theatres. It just doesn’t work. The only plus was that anywhere you sat, you were guaranteed an awesome view. And also we got to sit through her opening act (I don’t even remember the name… Nightbox?) whom I didn’t like.
Me and CarolineAnyways, I was absolutely ecstatic when LIGHTS came on. She’s amazing live — so intimate, soothing voice, and well, she’s a total babe. She opened the concert with her song, “Banner”, and continued on with the show highlighting most of her songs on her new album, Siberia. When she performed “Flux and Flow”, I was completely caught off-guard when guest rapper, Shad, jumped on stage! AMAZING. And you know what that means… yep, he even stuck around for one of my fave songs, “Everybody Breaks a Glass”. So unexpected. Stellar performance. I was just disappointed that her set was actually pretty short. I think it was like, an hour and 15 minutes? She didn’t perform “Peace Sign”, “Fourth Dimension”, or “Cactus in the Valley” which I was looking forward to… or even “Drive My Soul!”. Darn. S’all good though. It was a good break from all the stress I was having last week!
LIGHTS at Vogue Theatre
LIGHTS at Vogue Theatre
LIGHTS at Vogue Theatre

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