Let the job hunt begin.

I am literally counting down the days of my undergraduate career — 4 more days! Seriously. Now what? As I don’t want to be a slave lifer in the restaurant industry, I began my job hunt today. What’s out there? Are there even any jobs available?  The academic advisors in my department are terrible and the jobs that I am interested in require x amount of years of experience. Um, where are we supposed to get this experience from if no one will hire us?! Another topic on its own… And I am pretty happy with my super-padded resume and my networking skills. But will this land me a job on its own? Hardly. Ha, and with an Arts degree and aspirations in fields I have no academic training in at all in addition to the scarce and depleting job market in today’s day and age, let’s just say it’s going to be a fun ride.

4 Comments on “Let the job hunt begin.”

  1. Ok. So let’s book time to chat. I’m probably going to do better with a phone call than an in person. 🙂

  2. A résumé’s goal is to land you an interview… which it should be able to do all by its lonesome. Make that thing serve you 😀

    Congrats on finishing undergrad! Enjoy the achievement for 3.5 seconds (which would be more than I did). I’m sure you’ll kick sweet bootay in the job market!

    And if you do decide you’d like to spiff up that résumé – that’s what I do!

    Good luck!


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