The Buzz Event.

Last Thursday, I was finally able to attend The Buzz Event as my company, Dolce Delights, was sponsoring the event.  Hilariously enough, I have been a sponsor for every single Buzz Event but haven’t physically been to one since the very first one which dates back to August of last year.
Dolce Delights at the Buzz EventFrom the looks and attendees at the event, I’ve got to say that it has definitely expanded since then. This time, it occurred at the Xi Shi Lounge at the Shangri-La. Pretty sweet venue…for networking. I found it really difficult to listen to the three speakers that were present that night (and I was pretty much right by them as well). Maybe it wasn’t the most appropriate forum for speakers but it was still great to hear their stories, from what I could make out.
Me at the Buzz EventOverall, it was so great to see the usual suspects there and meet new ones face-to-face since I’ve been so out of the loop this year (no data plan!!!). Can’t wait til the next one at V Lounge!

Thanks to Julian Fok for the great photos!

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