I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

There is just something that is so insatiable about doing something you shouldn’t be doing.  There’s just something about bad boys.  Their ruggedness, their drug-dealing ways, and their overall appeal. Novelty? Perhaps.  But as a cookie-cutter good girl by the books, there are always those random moments where, well, I just want to be bad. I love breaking the rules. And as cheesy as that sounds, my version of being “bad” is being with someone who is just bad news bears.

FYI, on the “men”genda for the year 2012, I need to:
– Start meeting men who are born in the 1980s (seriously…how hard is this!!!)
– Maybe meet someone nice for a change

And double FYI, not only do I enjoy breaking the rules, I enjoy breaking the norms. People need to start being forward thinkers and challenge these socially constructed norms. So what if I want certain things. So what if that makes me look a certain way?  In the end, do I care about your opinion?  Most likely not. That’s a new year’s goal for you to dwell on. In the meantime, I am ready to kiss 2011 goodbye.

PS. Sorry to disappoint you Harry Potter fans but this post had nothing to do with him or the books. I still love HP immensely though.


Although I prefer to avoid potentially problematic situations, if I’m going to make mistakes, now’s probably the time to do it. Counting down til 2012!

All I want for Christmas is…

…nothing? I don’t really need anything. All I need is to hear Mariah Carey a hundred billion times a day.
You’re welcome.


Whenever I meet someone, I always wonder “Why are they attracted to me?”.  Specifically and as of late, I am wondering what is the redeeming quality that makes me attractive for older men.  It’s because I’m young, isn’t?  Young enough to be taken advantage of him, young enough to be not just cute, but sexy, and young enough to still be naive.  Too bad I’m young enough to know better.

I have always been into older men.  Why?  Perhaps its because of the lack of a stable father figure, daddy issues, or whatever you want to name it. Does it even really matter?  I’m attracted to older guys, ’nuff said. They are sexy.  Like cheese and wine, men get better with age. Yes. But when is old too old?  I’ve always set my limit to 35 and under but jesus, even I’m finding that to be a bit much. When I was seeing this guy C a couple years ago, there was a ten-year age gap. And honestly, the only things we had in common were that we loved to party, we loved our vodka, our Asian genes, and of course, the undeniable sexual attraction between us.  That’s really it for large age gaps. The funny thing is, I met someone on the weekend who seriously reminds me of C on so many levels. Odd…but we’ll see what comes out of it. No expectations. After all, he is Asian.

On the same note, I am in dire need of new options. Sigh.

That shit cray.

This….weekend….was shitfuckcray INSANE. Red Bull Thre3style World Finals Championships were on Saturday at the Commodore Ballroom and Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne concert was on Sunday at Rogers Arena. Hedspin reppin’ Canada took home the gold at the DJ competition. Good lookin’ crowd, good music, and great company. Sick afterparty at the Waldorf Hotel with all the international DJs. In heels for 12 hours, home at 6:30am. Fuck. Set the tone for the concert which was seriously off the chain. Definitely topped the last time I saw Jay-Z back in ’09. And what can I say? They played my favourite song 11 times. Three words: that shit cray.
Me and Frances at Watch the Throne
Jay Z
Me at Watch the Throne
Watch the Throne
Watch the Throne
Watch the Throne

Too old for this shit.

I started and quit a new job yesterday. And honestly, I really tried to like it. The place was cool, pretty bumpin’, and blasted sick music. But honestly, for $9.75 + tips and saying goodbye to my weekends?  I don’t think so. It just seemed like another gonghouse type of job a la Glowbal group (which I thoroughly enjoyed…when I was 20/21).

But no. I peaced out during my shift and told my supervisor it just wasn’t for me.  Dining and lounging?  Yes.  Working?  No.  It’s a new place and I think it really will succeed in the future but it’s just a tad bit disorganized.  All the large parties were no-shows and then it turns out they completely overbooked for a party of 40 (it was really  sad — they had gifts and everything; it was a Christmas party).  Just completely unprofessional!  And no offense, I don’t really want to be working for nor do I want to represent a supperclub that’s going to receive scathing reviews (actually, they already have since they’ve pulled numbers like this in the past to large parties and they’ve only been open for two months – yikes). Um… no thanks! Way too old for this shit.

Is there such a thing as too much confidence?

I was accused of having a huge ego this past weekend. Not necessarily a bad thing, in my opinion, unless you let it get to your head. Sure, I can be a little cocky here and there but that’s probably because I have a reason to be. Plus, being cute, I can play it off as a joke. When I’m not really joking. But anyways!! This was coming from someone (another dickwad) who would make Kanye West look bad. Seriously. Besides, I’d rather have high confidence than no confidence at all. Confidence, not to be confused with cockiness, is sexy. Or it can be intimidating. Well, more sexy than intimidating, I’d say. Yay or nay?