DTES Christmas cookie drop.

Every year, Christmas seems to be getting more and more materialistic. People I know have already started their Christmas shopping and others, well, I’m sure they’ll be freaking out last minute. My family seems to be going in the opposite direction. Rarely do we get eachother gifts anymore. And I’m not just talking about Christmastime. This applies to birthdays and other celebrations as well. Instead, we value time well spent together, usually over dinner and whatnot.

My mom is extremely Christian and perhaps, this change in behaviour and attitude may be owed to her. To be honest, I hated it at first. I love gifts. I can be pretty spoiled. But I guess I’ve gotten used to it. And I’ve also realized how meaningless material goods can be.

On the same note, I am organizing another DTES cookie drop with a couple of friends. We did this last year around Christmastime and again around Valentine’s Day. We are aiming for it to be kind of like a flashmob so it would be great if some readers could come out and take part in it! It will honestly take 15min, from start to finish.

So bake some cookies (or buy them), plastic wrap them in groups of 3, and meet up with us. We will be meeting at 11:00am in front of Chill Winston, departing at 11:15am to trek to the DTES. Give out cookies to the disenfrached and done. Possibly lunch/brunch afterwards. An instant feel good-er for those who love to spread the love.


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