Singleton during the Christmas season.

Exactly two weeks til Christmas. Shopping malls are insane, red Starbucks Christmas cups are about, and there’s a distinct chill in the air. I’m not just talking about the icy temperatures we’ve been getting as of late; I’m also talking about the brutal couple season. Okay, I’m not just referring to the Christmas season since, well, the past couple years I have been the token third wheel. Honestly, I have one other close single girlfriend of mine in town. The rest? Taken. All of them. Not even lying.

It’s weird. I don’t even really feel like talking to them. I feel like that they can’t relate or, well, I don’t really want the “taken” perspective. “I” turns into “we”, “me” turns into “us”.  What ever happened to being selfish?

Singledom. My girlfriends and I were talking the other night over this topic. How I’m still single. Why I choose to be single.  It’s funny how fast that can be taken into a negative connotation.  Reminds me of that Sex and the City episode where Carrie goes to a party and peaces it when she finds out it’s all couples. “Oh, you’re single” as in, “Oh, poor you“. When did that ever become a bad thing?! What’s wrong with being single?! Last time I checked, being single meant 1) more time 2) more money 3) more freedom. And it’s not my fault if everybody out there just isn’t good enough for me.

Lately, I’ve been craving quality male attention time. No, I’m not referring to sexy time. I just want to hang out with a guy.  Do cute Christmasy things that couples do (ie. decorate the tree, Stanley Park Bright Nuts train, make gingerbread houses… hahah I sound like I’m in highschool — oh wait, that’s the last time I had a real boyfriend!) but not really. But I’m even picky with who I hang out with. Hell, I’m picky about everything. Call me high maintenance but sorry, I won’t settle for less.

Hm. In the end, it’s probably just winter blues/mother nature/loneliness. Actually, this picture may sum up why I’m single still. (Be sure to check out that guy’s fantastic facial expression too. LOL):

2 Comments on “Singleton during the Christmas season.”

  1. kevin says:

    like me going to my friends family picture + close friend. Everone is wearing red or white plaid shirt and here i am with a green plaid shirt. They are also all in couples except me lolol

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