On meeting men.

Continuing on my recent rantings on couples, I have been receiving a reassuring comments with the most popular one being, “Don’t worry.  The right person will come when you’re not looking.”.  Everyone’s told me that with the most recent one being my ex-boyfriend. I mean, that’s great and all, but does anyone actually believe this crap!? Is there ever a time when you’re actually not looking?!  I am an insanely busy person in which all of my time slots during the day are filled.  The only time I ever think about relationships and other useless crap is when I’m blogging. Or at nighttime. Or when I’m a third wheel. Or sleeping (yes, I have nightmares). Of course, when I meet people I don’t expect anything more than friendship (unless they are a handsome god or something).  I randomly meet people on an almost daily basis. But honestly, when I meet people, my thought process is as follows:

White (or the occasional delicious halfer) guy. Sweet.”
“Nice clothes. Sick style.”
“Good height, good build, cute hair — check.”
“Smile! Okay, no crooked teeth. Great.”
“Single? I can’t tell…but, future husband? Maybe.”

Seriously. Maybe it’s because I’m a hopeless romantic. Okay, not hopeless but ROMANTIC for sure. But I can’t help this naive way of thinking. And I am 100% sure that there others out there that have similar thought processes. I can’t help but think, “Could he be The One?”.

Call me crazy, but I think this is completely normal…yes?


2 Comments on “On meeting men.”

  1. KKO says:

    Dude you’re totally normal.. i guess i’m never looking cuz i’ve been meeting…:P~

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