Too old for this shit.

I started and quit a new job yesterday. And honestly, I really tried to like it. The place was cool, pretty bumpin’, and blasted sick music. But honestly, for $9.75 + tips and saying goodbye to my weekends?  I don’t think so. It just seemed like another gonghouse type of job a la Glowbal group (which I thoroughly enjoyed…when I was 20/21).

But no. I peaced out during my shift and told my supervisor it just wasn’t for me.  Dining and lounging?  Yes.  Working?  No.  It’s a new place and I think it really will succeed in the future but it’s just a tad bit disorganized.  All the large parties were no-shows and then it turns out they completely overbooked for a party of 40 (it was really  sad — they had gifts and everything; it was a Christmas party).  Just completely unprofessional!  And no offense, I don’t really want to be working for nor do I want to represent a supperclub that’s going to receive scathing reviews (actually, they already have since they’ve pulled numbers like this in the past to large parties and they’ve only been open for two months – yikes). Um… no thanks! Way too old for this shit.

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