Whenever I meet someone, I always wonder “Why are they attracted to me?”.  Specifically and as of late, I am wondering what is the redeeming quality that makes me attractive for older men.  It’s because I’m young, isn’t?  Young enough to be taken advantage of him, young enough to be not just cute, but sexy, and young enough to still be naive.  Too bad I’m young enough to know better.

I have always been into older men.  Why?  Perhaps its because of the lack of a stable father figure, daddy issues, or whatever you want to name it. Does it even really matter?  I’m attracted to older guys, ’nuff said. They are sexy.  Like cheese and wine, men get better with age. Yes. But when is old too old?  I’ve always set my limit to 35 and under but jesus, even I’m finding that to be a bit much. When I was seeing this guy C a couple years ago, there was a ten-year age gap. And honestly, the only things we had in common were that we loved to party, we loved our vodka, our Asian genes, and of course, the undeniable sexual attraction between us.  That’s really it for large age gaps. The funny thing is, I met someone on the weekend who seriously reminds me of C on so many levels. Odd…but we’ll see what comes out of it. No expectations. After all, he is Asian.

On the same note, I am in dire need of new options. Sigh.


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