Time to find a “real” job.

Asian peeps: you’ve probably heard that one before. “Time to find a ‘real’ job”, says mom and dad…but what the hell does that even mean?!  My parents’ interpretation of that would mean something that is full-time, most likely some bore-fest job that’s a 9 to 5, and preferrably within the field of study which you spent four years getting your degree in. Seriously. Is this even realistic?  Getting a job in your specified industry right after you graduate (or actually, not even that — I’m still awaiting convocation) is difficult. Hell, finding a job that even relates to your industry is near to freakin’ impossible too.  I just sent out my applications to a handful of places and only one was in my field. Shocker. Not really. It’s just kind of offensive because, well, I currently work in a restaurant and run my own business. Yes, I definitely will not be a lifer in the restaurant industry. Hell, I want out now! But the flexibility and pay is great for students.  Although I just hostess right now, serving or bartending jobs are pretty much ideal for students.  To be honest, some servers make more than common entry-level jobs in the work force.  People who aren’t in the industry are unaware of this.  But back to my biz.  Is my business not legitimate enough to qualify as a “real” job?!  I operate on a part-time basis and do make profit. It may be the unconventional path mainly because, hey, I actually love what I do, but it is something that I seriously would like to pursue. Sadly, the Asian parents do not acknowledge that — atleast I don’t think so. They give me words of encouragement but fail to take me seriously.

I’ve already explained to my parents that finding a “real” job isn’t exactly in my plan for 2012.  I’m not succumbing to the pressure, it’s just that I have some major travel plans for the fall and I guess I might as well attempt to get my foot in the door while making some mad cash. Hopefully. But seriously now… The saying is growing tiresome. Times are changing. The formula to be guaranteed a job straight out of school is to either a) do a co-op term 2) grad school or 3) get the F out of Vancouver. Sad, but true.

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