Listen, don’t speak.

When was the last time you actually listened to someone? No, I mean seriously listened to them. Nowadays, I am finding that people are so concerned with thinking about what they are going to say next to a person or they feel compelled to give their opinion and end up interrupting the person whomever they are having a conversation with. Stop. Perhaps you might learn something from the person who is actually speaking. Perhaps you will take something away that is more valuable than your two cents.

I use my blog as an outlet for me to bitch, ramble, and express myself. I’m not asking for a response from anybody but the comments have begun to accumulate. I’m not asking for advice. If I were asking for some, I would phrase it in a question; I would’ve asked for your opinion. Most of the time I am bitching about something. I write for myself; it’s therapeutic for me. More and more people have begun to tell me how much they can relate to my entries and often thank me for the posts I write. I want to say thank you to whoever reads my blog because most importantly, you are listening. Someone is listening. It’s comforting knowing random people out there care (or don’t) when I feel too ashamed or unworthy to reach out to my friends or if I’m having a rough week. Thanks for giving a shit.


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