My blog.

I just wrote a better entry 20 minutes ago and WordPress failed to post it. Fucking fuck. Anyways. A short summary of it will now commence.

My blog is comprised of my thoughts, my opinions, my perspective.

I’ve kept a physical journal (well, journals) since I was a child and have been blogging since the age of 13.  The content has obviously evolved and I continue to blog because it’s therapeutic to me and I really do enjoy writing. My blog reflects and documents my struggles, emotions, and daily happenings in the life of, well, me.

In the past week, I have produced some entries which have highlighted some of my current insecurities, vulnerability, and issues. I blog not only for myself, but to initiate and generate discussion and to provide new perspectives to whoever reads my blog.  I really appreciate people that can contribute to the conversation in a respectful way. I actually encourage people to respond and disagree, as long as they have supportive and valid statements. It’s enriching. And as much fun as I had writing the entries, I can’t say the same for some reactions I’ve received from some people. Although I generally don’t care nor do I get offended easily by what other people say or think about me, I felt a little bit annoyed. Not by the comments that were made directly to the posts, just to clarify, but I felt attacked when a particular person  used the content on my blog to purposely attack me. Yeah. When that happens, you’re fucking dead to me. I almost felt that I had to validate myself to him and why the fuck would I ever do that? I shouldn’t have to ever prove myself to anybody, anytime. I’m still waiting for an apology, thanks.

But on a happier note, I do encourage those who read my blog to contribute their thoughts and opinions to the conversation. I’m always willing to hear another angle of the story; it’s enriching. I love learning from others. I also underestimate the extent of people to which my blog reaches out to.  It’s a weird, funny feeling when I get a message from an acquaintance or random saying that “Hey, that post made so much sense to me” or “I feel the same way!”. So, please, keep ’em coming!

4 Comments on “My blog.”

  1. Rachael says:

    @stephsia, you’re font is some times hard to read, but it is interesting none the less; I think I’ll blame it on buying glasses 😀

  2. Peter says:

    Always enjoy reading Steph.

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