Reality TV vs. Real TV.

I love the Food Network. I watch it religiously. I love learning new recipes, adapting them, and making them come to life in my own kitchen. I remember back in the day when I used to watch Emerill Lagasse and Anna Olson on Sugar. They taught us recipes. Now, it’s all mucked up with reality TV shows and god awful TV personalities. Sure, there are still a few good handful of shows that actually teach you how to cook, but the majority of the shows on the Food Network are mainly comprised of reality-like shows such as Top Chef, The Next Food Network Star, The Worst Cook in America, Ace of Cakes, Iron Chef, Recipe to Riches… the list can go on. These shows are for entertainment purposes — I get that. But when I am faced with actual “cooking” shows, I’m left with Nadia G from Bitchin’ Kitchen who makes my ears bleed, Giada de Laurentiis from Cooking with Cleavage Everyday Italian, and Michael Smith who loves to talk to us like we’re his kid, Gabe, when he was like 3 years old. Good god. Shoot me now.

My second favourite channel, on the other hand, would be Slice, which is so full of bat shit crazy girls on The Real Housewives (best show ever). I love witnessing all the drama unfold and I secretly do enjoy watching people lose their shit in their dysfunctional lives. It makes me feel a whole lot better about myself.

Overall, there has been an ongoing trend in the past decade. Reality is the new TV. People are interested in seeing what goes on in peoples’ lives. It’s entertainment, for sure, and everybody on TV, reality or not, is selling a personality. It’s fake, it’s scripted, but it sure as hell keeps me reeled in.

And yes, despite this post, I am still applying to be on The Bachelor Canada. Now, just narrowing down how I want to be perceived…


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