I’m not dead, I swear.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and to be honest, it’s because I haven’t had much content to write about. Not going to lie, I have been gushing about my newly-budding relationship in my handwritten diary but honestly, I don’t think anybody would necessarily want to read about my extreme-happiness-situation-because-of-a-guy. Plus, that just contradicts all my previous posts. And privacy. That’s something I am working on.

But honestly, the past couple weeks have become a real bore. Life has turned into this ugly routine. Work, work, work. There really hasn’t been much happening that has been of much interest to me or what I would consider blog-worthy. But you have waited. And despite the blog drought, I have some sweet things to report on. Stay tuned.


One Comment on “I’m not dead, I swear.”

  1. wobsy says:

    We’re ready to listen whenever you’re ready to tell us.

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