S Club 7…REUNION!?!?

Yes, you read right. And yes, this is definitely blog-worthy news. Who remembers S Club 7, the awesome British co-ed band that gave you hits like “Bring it All Back”, “Never Had a Dream Come True”, and “Natural”?! And who didn’t watch their sho S Club in Miami/LA/Hollywood (and pulling a Spice Girls, they apparently made a movie too – must watch)?! YES, well one of my favourite British bands is rejoining forces again for a reunion tour later this year AS WELL as a new album! Never had a dream come true….TIL NOW! Stoked.

And this is kind of hilarious. Before picture:
S Club 7 before
AFTER! Major weightgain and ugliness. Sigh. What happened to Paul??!
S Club 7 after

4 Comments on “S Club 7…REUNION!?!?”

  1. Peter says:

    The girl third from the left still rox!

  2. I hope you meant third from the right… Rachel’s still hot! Jo, not so much. haha!

  3. Peter says:

    )Yes I meant the right :_)

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