Too fast?

What exactly does that even mean? What defines being “too fast”? Pure speculation and observation simply is not enough for one to feel or empathize the same way as another. Who is one to say that someone else is going “too fast” in their relationship? Everybody moves at varying paces and I know that I certainly do not care enough at which the pace that others take in their private accords. Perhaps try being happy for that person and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to understand the pure bliss she’s encompassed in.

Currently addicted to…

Spartacus. Finished the first season and mini series prequel in two weeks. Watch now.

Honestly, I never thought I’d get into this show but hey, it’s got full frontal nudity, glistening muscular men and blood. Something for everybody. Addicted.

Victoria: Surprise edition.

I love surprising my friends. Especially when they are so unsuspecting of it.

Last weekend, a couple girlfriends of mine decided to spontaneously go to Victoria to visit our friend Cookie for her birthday. Let’s just say that everything worked out to plan. Like to the tee. It was absolutely perfect. From me barely catching the ferry, getting her to stay put at home for a “Skype date”, and even down to the exact minute that the bus came thanks to GoogleMaps, our mission was accomplished. Surprised her right at her doorstep and told her to pack her bags for an overnight stay at the Marriott (yes, reaping my discounts ASAP). A little pho, a little lot of drink, and a hell of a lot of dancing at Upstairs, I can safely say that it was a perfect weekend. Thanks girls.

Fabulous weekend. Can’t wait for the next adventure, ladies.

Update! Balut eating contest!?

Hello world! What’s new? Well, for starters, I now get evenings and weekends off which enables me to participate in fun things like:
– Sexytimes
– Spartacus
– Cooking and baking for EVERYONE!

It also allows me to be coerced into mortifyingly grotesque eating competitions like the Balut Contest, hosted by my friend, Kym, owner and designer of Herro Hachi, which happened last Thursday at Little Ongpin in Richmond. Balut. You must’ve heard someone mutter that word before. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a baby chicken fetus, eyes, beak, and all.  It’s usually boiled and creates this “soup” inside of the shell as well as cooked yolk and egg white. Derricious?  Ha.  Now, mind you, I haven’t had balut since I was a child. So this experience was definitely…interesting. Or challenging?  See for yourself:

So I was in the “Advanced” category… Why? I have no idea. Only because I had it before…but again…THAT WAS YEARS AGO!!! Anywho, timer was on for five minutes but we ran out early (ha ha!) after we collectively consumed 29 baluts. I contributed to 5.5 of those eggs! What up.
Balut contest
Balut contest


I’m not dead, I swear.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and to be honest, it’s because I haven’t had much content to write about. Not going to lie, I have been gushing about my newly-budding relationship in my handwritten diary but honestly, I don’t think anybody would necessarily want to read about my extreme-happiness-situation-because-of-a-guy. Plus, that just contradicts all my previous posts. And privacy. That’s something I am working on.

But honestly, the past couple weeks have become a real bore. Life has turned into this ugly routine. Work, work, work. There really hasn’t been much happening that has been of much interest to me or what I would consider blog-worthy. But you have waited. And despite the blog drought, I have some sweet things to report on. Stay tuned.