I graduated…now what?!

Check it out! I got one of those dinky grad hats…WOOT! Peace out, SFU!
I graduated!
So…old news if you keep up with my Facebook profile, but yes, I can say that I finally did it! I graduated!!! 4.5 years later, ginormous word counts, and the wonderful memories I’ve created with all the people I have ever met at SFU — thank you!  I definitely feel accomplished and although I technically completed all my courses and requirements in December, I finally feel like, “Wow, now the real world is here”.  I have no excuses anymore, no more dilly-dallying. It is my time to carve out the person who I want to be.

Graduated from SFU

I have set new goals for myself, for my future, and my business. For myself, budgeting and saving money is a big one.  Definitely starting that next month (aka first pay cheque of July aka next week, eek!). Vancouver is an unaffordable city but I still am aiming to own my own place.  The dream was a house, but realistically (as realistic as I can be by living in this city), looking at a condo. Two years. 2014 is the goal.

Me and Sheri Fabian

Also starting on my next payday is enrolling in the real estate course at UBC. Yep. Trying to take my future seriously. Yep. It’s another 180 degrees. Yep. Yep. Yep. Realize that I don’t want to do anything in criminology at this point anymore…unless I want to relocate or subject myself to 12-hour shift work positions. For those who don’t know, my dad is a very well-known realtor in this city, especially in the Filipino community who is passionate about his occupation and is so very excited to help me embark on this new journey. I am glad to finally receive support from my family — means a lot to me. I plan to complete it by the end of this year, December 31st, 2012.

Me and my family at grad

Business-wise? I’m just running with it at the moment.  Ideally, I would still love to run Dolce Delights full-time. I have had a couple opportunities arise for me to grow the business — it’s just a matter of how I want to grow it. And honestly, the time is now to take risks, challenge myself, and see where this can go. But it needs to be planned. It needs to be calculated. And it needs to be smart. To be honest, I didn’t know what I was doing and I still kind of don’t know what I’m doing with the business. But it’s really time to start thinking and doing this thoroughly.

Juan and me

Although it really took me 4.5 years to complete my undergrad and a mere two hour ceremony for me to walk across that podium and stage, it was really a big milestone for me. And that simple stride pretty much signified a mark of change in my life. Time to start making “big” decisions and join the rest of the adults in this world… hooray?

SFU Criminology

Gosh, I am so backed up on posts at this point. Next post… my trip to Montreal! Stay tuned.

6 Comments on “I graduated…now what?!”

  1. Peter says:

    Congrats! Known you for so long now. Great accomplishment. Whole life is ahead of you sweetie. All my best.

  2. Sharra says:

    I’m scared to graduate lol. Make sure you don’t forget about me when you’re rich and successful! =D

    • Bahaha when I finished in December, I wished so hard that I was still in school!!! Just make the most of it 🙂 And I’ll never forget you! Who else will I tip off for all the awesome lingerie sales?!

  3. vanobi says:

    Congrats Steph!
    You are gonna take over this town and I cant wait to see you do it!

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