Montreal recap!

Wow, it’s almost been a month since I went to Montreal! How time flies. Here are a few eyegasms for y’all from my trip:

First evening in Montreal, obviously on a terasse. Yes, terasse, not patio. I never wore makeup after this.
Juan and me in Montreal

Instead spending loads on a hotel, I tried out airBnB instead. Rented an apartment and had the luxury (yes, it’s a luxury) of having some homecooked meals on our trip. Okay, it was only breakfast but still.

Stopped by McGill. Pretty sure everybody has this same picture. Beautiful campus.

Visited some relatives. How cute are my niece and nephew? Oh, I guess my cousin’s are good-looking too. Runs in the family.
My niece and cousin
My cousin-in-law and nephew

Did some major shopping. Seriously. Who the hell buys earmuffs and Hunter boots in June? A true Vancouverite does. (Those are NOT my Ugg boots. Y’all know how I feel about Uggs. Let’s not get started.).

Had a mandatory pit stop at the very top of Mont Royal. Aw.
Mont Royal

Met up with more family. Over dinner. In Old Montreal. Nom.
Juan, me, Colin, and Melissa

Even though we came at a shitty time (I always do that — this time, we just missed F1 and came right before all the jazz festivals), we still managed to check out some street festivals.
St Laurent street festival

Did some clubbing. Bottle service, VIP, the usual.

Also got to see my very first Cirque du Soleil! This was Amaluna, the newest one. Beautiful performance.
Cirque du Soleil: Amaluna

Of course, no trip to Montreal is complete without smoked meat, poutine, and Quebecois beer. Decided to hit three birds with one stone. Bad idea. Don’t go to Montreal Poutine (total tourist trap) in Old Montreal. Missed Schwartz and La Banquise this time around…next time!
Smoked meat poutine at Montreal Poutine

Because I heart museums and such, we checked out the Montreal Science Centre. And to my horror, they had a Star Wars exhibit on (I hate the Star Wars series with a passion). And to my greatest horror, I came out of the exhibit actually interested in wanting to watch the whole series! Ha! Can you believe that? The inner nerd in me tends to pop out at random times.
Star Wars exhibit at Montreal Science Centre

…and the best for last, the food. Definitely gained about 2 lbs while I was in Montreal. Foie gras, crepes, beaver tails, maple everything… hells yes.
Rabbit crepe at Jardin Nelson
Seared foie gras atop ginger bread and red wine jus at Holder
Chilled foie gras with caramelized pears at Holder
Beef tartare at Holder
Bouef bourgignon at Holder
Pate chinois at Holder
Rib steak
Dumplings at Xing Hua
Beaver tails

[1] Rabbit crepe [2] Seared foie gras atop ginger bread and red wine jus [3] Chilled foie gras with caramalized pears [4] Beef tartare [5] Bouef bourgignon [6] Pate chinois [7] Calamari, not onion rings [8] Grilled octopus [9] Greek rib steak [10] XLB-style dumplings [11] Beaver tails

Juan and I
All in all, great vacation. So nice to getaway even for just a little bit. It was also my very first trip with my boyfriend and I am so glad to say he’s an easy traveler! Phew. Dodged a bullet. So, since Montreal is over and done with, I guess the next big trip would be Asia in October for my birthday. Crossing my fingers!


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