July happenings.

July 24th. Seriously? Where has this summer gone? This month has been especially busy for me, especially for cupcakes. Been MIA a ton but that’s a good thing, right? Some quick recaps (wish I had photos!!! iPhone pictures just do not cut it):

Harrison Hot Springs. Really wish I took pictures here. Took my boyfriend to my house up at Harrison for the first time. It was probably the hottest weekend ever and alas, I was working in the morning. Made it to Harrison by 5:00pm and showed him the actual hot springs — a caged pool, no joke. The Harrison Arts Festival was going on as well so there were tons of vendors along the esplanade. Water was at its highest I have ever seen in all my years there (really really wish I had took a picture of this… it was such a great sight). I sadly did not don my bathing at all because, well, I thought it’d be blazin’ hot the next day. Nope. Rain. Pouring rain. Rained so hard that we left after lunch. Le sigh. Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze it in by the end of the summer.

Maple Ridge Caribbean Festival. After our disappointment, we headed straight to the Caribbean Festival in Maple Ridge. Even though it was chilly and wet, I was surprised at the volumes of people that were there. I seriously wasn’t aware that there was such a huge Black community in the Ridge. Odd. Listened to some reggae, nom’d on goat curry and other Caribbean-influenced eats, and danced the night away. So fun.

Snoop Dogg. I also went and saw Snoop Dogg at the Commodore last Friday. Random? Yes. Dude, tickets are $60 and he is a fucking classic – how could I not?! It was awesome. Besides seeing a whole ton of white trash and half of Surrey there, it was a short but fun concert to go to. Peaceful, even. Everyone was blazin’ and/or drinking while I spent the whole night dancing in my hot pink Snoop Dogg dress completely stick sober (I was sick, really sick). I really am regretting not running to the front when he was picking girls to go party with him after because the girls that were picked were so boring and not even hot. “Snoop, my girlfriend’s hotter than those girls!!” – my boyfriend. Aw.

Whistler. And despite my sickness, I trekked up to Whistler the next day for a quick weekend trip (thanks Aaron!). Went up to check out the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and wow, I haven’t heard them play in 11 years and it was simply breathtaking. Really appreciated the music. So talented. Also hit the club, the hot tub, and Cow’s — Whistler in a nutshell. The rain, yet again, ruined our plans to go horseback riding the next day so again, headed home early. Quick trip did its purpose though! Love Whistler.

And what’s next? Certainly no vacations for me. Studying will commence will begin soon and saving towards the big move is in the works. Definitely looking forward to Sparking Hill Resort in September though. Yes, the gorgeous Swarovski-encrusted resort in wine country. Can’t. Wait.

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