Boyfriend holding you back?

This is what I’ve been thinking for the past couple of weeks. I really thought about it hard. Again, with this whole struggling transition into the real world combined with thoughts of moving out, buying a car, personal finances, the option of traveling, and studying (which I’ve conveniently forgotten), I’ve been stuck in a rut. I feel like I’ve been trapped. But what’s trapping me? My mistake was to blame it on being in a relationship. The mere thought of maybe, just maybe, my boyfriend may be holding me back from realizing my potential and reaching my goals, clouded my future. And it upset him. I mean, I was practically saying I was unhappy with him and the relationship and that clearly is far from how I feel. What I was doing was just finding excuses as to why I can’t reach my goals or, more accurately, why I can’t reach my goals with somebody.

Right now, I’m just lacking motivation. That, and I have a severe way of devaluing myself and my efforts whether it is my education, my business, or my career aspirations. I’m confident but not. I constantly need reassurance in order to succeed or to realize that yes, maybe I can do this. It’s something that I personally need to overcome any work on. Any advice?

Anyways, this blog is in major need of constant updates and new posts. So much has been going on but no time to blog and/or no access to my laptop and/or iPad (I’ve tried blogging from my iPhone but it’s just too much work! And I always have too much to say). Until next time…

3 Comments on “Boyfriend holding you back?”

  1. Baciagalupo says:

    I’m having the same problem, and I could also use some advice as to how I should overcome this. I myself can’t really give you any, except that you should maybe apologize to your boyfriend… 😉

    • Which problem are you having trouble with?

      And yeah, I brought the subject up this weekend before bed and he was so upset he couldn’t sleep while I slept like a baby… I apologized and we talked about it but I still feel bad because he never had a doubt about our relationship and that just painted the picture to him like I was unhappy which isn’t the case. I am just feeling so comfortable with him that I forget about everything else.

      • Baciagalupo says:

        I’m having trouble with motivating myself. Also motivating myself for things I think I would like. When the moment is there when I have to decide, I always tend to draw back and choose the easy path. I have the feeling I always need someone to motivate me. when I’m on my own, I tend to crawl in my ‘comfy’ shell. But after a while, the comfy shell doesn’t feel very comfy anymore, you know? It starts feeling oppressive. But I don’t always know how to get out of it

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