Off to Asia tomorrow!

I can’t believe by this time tomorrow, I will be on a flight to Taipei. By myself. Holy crap. Is this really happening? Yup. So excited. Can’t hardly wait.

But it’s funny (well, not really) because this almost didn’t happen. Long story short, I had to rebook my flight last minute yesterday. I was on the phone with Expedia who, might I add, were very accommodating but in the end, they couldn’t do much to help me except cancel my original flight. Basically, the there was a small typo on my ticket which I thought would be no problem to fix. But no, it was apparently a big deal with Japan Airlines and they would not amend my name on the ticket. Fuckers! So pretty much, I had to scramble and get my shit together and find a new flight and pay a $200 cancellation fee. LUCKILY (and I seriously emphasize luckily), I was able to find a cheap flight via Delta Air that was actually $60 cheaper than my initial purchase. So, I basically just had to fork out $140 extra which isn’t bad. Thank god for Expedia was asking $1800… ha! Like I’m made out of money.

Anyways, since that is all out of the way, I am getting seriously excited for my next few weeks in Asia. I will be meeting my friends there and will have a few hours to myself to explore Japan when I get there.

Any recommendations? Just staying in Tokyo with no real itinerary.

Helloooooo vacation!!!

On another note, I have started a food blog (recipe-sharing blog to be specific), Umami & Me. Finally!

Something new!

I’ve finally decided on a name for my new food and recipe-based blog: Umami & Me. It will be a blog chronicling my new culinary adventures in cooking for two, reworking leftovers into new creative dishes, sharing my own recipes as well as adapted favourites, and on teaching others how to cook (aka my boyfriend). I’ll hopefully try to get atleast one post up before I leave on Thursday for Asia.

No longer in denial.

This past year has been different from the rest. I’ve mellowed out, calmed down on the partying, and have cut down on the drinking. Maybe I’m getting older or wiser, I thought to myself. Nope, that’s not it. Maturing? Coming of age? Not it either. Boring? Hell naw. My god, what could it possibly be?! Oh, right. I’m in a relationship now. I’ve heard some people murmur and talk over this “status” before it but it really materialized when my boyfriend said it so blatantly in my face.

But it’s not so bad, is it? I mean, there was a time in my life where all I wanted to do was party, all I wanted to do was get drunk and make out with boys and bear no responsibility. But I have new priorities now — loving and caring for somebody, the woes of the transition stage of moving out, and planning our future together. Now it’s all about saving up money for a home and a car (and a bike?), budgeting, meal planning, and thinking about my future [in terms of career and how and if I will be able to support myself].

So in the end, it is all a mixture of those aforementioned things: coming of age, becoming boring (I still think this is crazy), and being involved in a committed relationship. And really, I don’t think the “old/single” me would disapprove. I think the “old” me would be proud of who I’ve become.

This year is going to be epic.

Why? Because I’m 23, my favourite number in the whole world. I feel invincible.

My 23rd year already started off a bang. I have got to say I had such a grand time celebrating my birthday this year. Got to see all the important people that I wanted to see — family, friends, boyfriend — and left full on every occasion. I had noodles galore (I was always taught to eat long noodles on my birthday to ensure a long life), a good chunk of new baking and cooking equipment (hello pink KitchenAid Artisan 5-quart Stand Mixer!), and endless birthday greetings. For those of you who actually called me and left a voicemail, thank you. Getting phonecalls on your birthday is one of the most oldschool, down-to-earth, and intimate greetings I could ever receive on my special day. Thank you! Meant a lot to me. Even my whole work team singing happy birthday to me on Thursday was especially touching. I even got cake that I didn’t bake…amazing!

To the people whom I shared my extended 5-day birthday celebrations with, thank you, thank you, thank you! Couldn’t have asked for a better birthday.

Now the next countdown begins: 10 days til vacay!!!

Food blog…maybe?

Been thinking of starting up a food blog. NOT the idiotic kind where you review restaurants (if you know my stance on this, you will understand). I was perhaps thinking of starting a food blog that contained recipes, my recipes or adapted favourites. Just a thought that’s always been in the back of my mind but have never said it outloud. Until now.

Maybe. Won’t be this year. Or will it?

Nobody said it was easy.

Found myself in a stump again. How do I get out of these holes?! I seem to get on a roll, see some progress in some aspects of my life yet it’s at the expense of others. For example, family life was in a knot a couple months ago. Everything went downhill — my business took a three week hiatus, had no time/no motivation to go to the gym, and found unhappiness in my job. Although most things alleviated itself, I am once again stuck in a rut. Lack of motivation, procrastination, and laziness are starting to eat me alive. What is lacking here? Is it overall interest? Challenge? Commitment? All of  the above? Tired of being like this. What ever happened to the person I was during my undergrad, during the best days of my life? I was the best person I could be, in the best possible shape, with “the skies the limit” attitude. Now? I feel stuck. I feel stuck in the same place. Is this what life is really all about? Work, go home, cook, sleep, and repeat?

What ever happened to all those seminars I went to outside of class time in all the clubs, internships, etc. I was involved in? Did I ever take anything away from those? “Follow your passion”, “Do what you love”, “Don’t waste time in a job that you don’t love”, “Find a career, not a job”. Well, how exactly do that? How do we get paid by “doing something we love”? What happens if you haven’t realized what your passion is? Is there supposed to be a time when the light just flicks on and you’ll just know what you’re destined to do? How long do I have to suffer in this state of “trying to figure things out”?

I’m always thinking about the future. But what am I doing about the present? What actions am I taking to ensure (or atleast take steps to ensure) that my future will look bright? I’m so sick and tired of having the “what are you doing now”  or “what do you do” conversation. Sick of it. You know what I’m doing? I’m busting my ass job hunting every single week only to find out that I am “not qualified” for any possible decent paying job while drowning in a course that I never even wanted to take in the first place. What I’ve learned from university is that I am extremely good at taking orders from other people and I am horrible at making decisions for myself. I’m scared of taking that risk. God, whatever fucking happened to me?

It just seems like I’m running in a huge circle right now. Or maybe just running…as in how this post is almost a giant run-on sentence.

Or maybe I desperately need my vacation now.


Amanda Todd.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the story on this young teen’s recent suicide, I suggest you either Google her name and watch her chilling yet sad story on YouTube re-posted below:

Typically, I don’t usually follow “trendy”, bandwagon-y type of news, but this one was different. It really struck a chord in me. Why? Because I was in her shoes before. I’ve made the same stupid mistakes as her. And yes, there were consequences. Consequences in the form of bullying.

When I was 12, I was horribly bullied by a group of girls that were a year older than me and who went to highschool across the field from my school (yes, I was still in elementary at the time). At this age, I was boy crazy — I had a crush on basically everyone. And even at that age, I loved older guys — hello highschool boys! Anyways, I happened to crush on a particular boy who had not informed me that he had a girlfriend. Basically, shit went down and I was bullied pretty badly (this was way before Facebook — we had Apartment 107). This group of girls and their friends in older grades constantly wrote on my “wall” telling me to go to hell, labeled me as a “tryhard”, nobody likes you, leave the guys alone, no one wants you, etc. They even began to call my house. It was hell. And I couldn’t understand why these people hated me so much. I never did anything to them at all. This continued into Grade 8.

But luckily, my perseverance, optimism, and most importantly, a secure group of friends (that I still have to this day, thank you!), I was able to push through. It eventually got better and I stopped caring. This Amanda girl had no support group. And although she is receiving outpours from tens of thousands of people around the world, where was this support when she needed it?

Bullying needs to stop, I get that. Bullies will always exist but we need proper education in our institutions to full-on combat this. Teachers and authoritative members need to take students’ issues and cries for help seriously. They also require proper and adequate training in dealing with these crises.

Such a sad story.