Food blog…maybe?

Been thinking of starting up a food blog. NOT the idiotic kind where you review restaurants (if you know my stance on this, you will understand). I was perhaps thinking of starting a food blog that contained recipes, my recipes or adapted favourites. Just a thought that’s always been in the back of my mind but have never said it outloud. Until now.

Maybe. Won’t be this year. Or will it?

4 Comments on “Food blog…maybe?”

  1. Sharra says:

    Do it! Also, what’s your stance on restaurant reviews?

    • Haha! Maybe, if I can work on my photography skills and get into actually MEASURING the ingredients I use. Maybe 🙂

      I don’t mind restaurant reviews. But food blogs is another thing, IMO. Food blogs that review restaurants are just hilarious to me (with the exception of maybe two that are well-written and legitimate). As a person who works in the food and beverage industry, they are annoying. They are opinions, not professional ones.

      Online reviews made by food bloggers and other types of social personalities in Vancouver bear a large impact on how your restaurant succeeds. One bad review from a “significant person” may lead your restaurant down the drain. Again, these are peoples’ opinions. Many foodies (everyone is a fucking foodie nowadays) give off a notion that they are experts in which they are not. Have they had professional culinary training? Most likely not. Do they ever ask the chefs why the dish was created a certain way? Nope. If they did, I may consider their opinion more valid.

      Giving your opinion on a restaurant does not make you an expert, period. Just seems like another bandwagon-y thing to do in Vancouver.


      • Sharra says:

        Oooh I see what you mean. I’ve been writing about poutine ever since your 15/29 poutines for that contest but I hope I don’t come off as trying to be an expert. I just like eating ==;
        I definitely want to know the stuff you cook though! All your pics on Twitter make me drool ❤

      • No, no not at all! And of course, everybody is subject to their own opinion. I like eating too! I think it’s just funny that general public will take these peoples’ opinions so seriously as if they mean something… Just my own perspective 🙂

        Perhaps! We shall see… I would love to though! Separate blog entirely probably… Maybe after my trip or next year!

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