I’ll probably be in Asia when I write my next post.

If this two- to three week-long writing breaks keep occurring, the title of this post will probably ring true!

Along the same lines, this month is going by fast. Did Thanksgiving really just pass us? Weird. Going onto my third and final Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow evening. Can’t wait.

Other fun news? My birthday. Next week. What? Exactly one week. Kinda scary but moreso exciting. I’m turning 23. The number 23 holds some kind of sentimental value with me. It all began in Grade 3 when I was assigned my very first student number. It was 23. And 23, also coincidentally, is the number of some amazing athletes (ie. Michael Jordan). In other words, a surefire sign that I was destined to be something great (more illustrious than I am now). Also, if you multiply 23 by 3, it equals 69. Another favourite position number of mine.

Anyways, I have a whole birthday weekend planned out to celebrate the birth of me: family dinner Thursday, aquarium and lunch with mom Friday, close friends on Friday night at Rodney’s, and a romantic birthday weekend retreat at the Westin Grand. Can. Not. Wait.

In even more exciting news (and I’ve been keeping this hush-hush for a while now), I’ve hired my first employee! Yes, someone works for me! How cool is that?! No seriously, very relieved. This enables me to have more time for myself, generate more revenue, and hopefully, will pave a way for even better things for Dolce Delights. So proud of me. Go me!

And in even more exciting news than my birthday and new hires and Halloween (pretty much taking a backseat this year) combined, I am leaving for Taiwan and Japan in exactly three weeks and 20 minutes! Booyah.

October is my favourite month. In your face, December.

Remember me?

It’s been a while, blog. The main reason? Because I hate living in two places. Currently splitting my time between Burnaby and Richmond and all my necessities seem to be in my Burnaby house (laptop, textbooks, clothes). Yeah. Try living out of a bag 4-5 days out of the week. Not fun.

Other than that, I have been busy going to spa-ing it out in Whistler, entertaining out-of-town guests, writing confidentiality agreements, and building consistency. Not being vague at all. What I can reveal to you guys is that I am excitedly awaiting my trip to both Taiwan and Japan which occurs in 30 days!!! Wildly distracting — so much that I have hardly given thought to my birthday (3 weeks!) or my Halloween costume (4 weeks!!!). Serious business. Pretty much going into hiding until November. Really can’t afford to spend any penny anymore (I’ve been entertaining people since late August…broke now).

But I do have very exciting news to share with you all…. one day… when it’s the absolute right time. I don’t want to jinx this one. Crossing my fingers!