I uploaded all of my pictures!

From Taipei, that is.

Ironically, I was in Taipei for a shorter amount of time than I was in Japan but I have like 3 or 4x the amount of photos. You can blame that on the zoo. Anyways, a post will be up by the end of the week!

Dear friends.

Don’t invite me out clubbing anymore.

Sincerely, your friend that is sick and tired of getting asked to go hang out with drunk 19 year olds in a dark room that don’t know how to dance.

I’m 23, in a relationship, and it’s fucking cold outside. Use your brain, please. I have better things to do than drink my face off. My grandma has been sick in the hospital, I don’t have money to burn, and, for the very last time, I HATE CLUBBING IN VANCOUVER. If you keep asking me, you seriously do not fucking know me very well and your texts and FB messages will go unanswered.

Have a great day.

New post…eventually.

After I finish uploading all of my photos…which is a lot.

Until next time.

First stop: Taipei.

So I’m about half an hour away from boarding and I am super stoked. I remember when I graduated from SFU, that the first thing I wanted to do was travel somewhere on my own. Although I am going with my friends, this is still a semi-huge milestone for me. I am somewhat traveling on my own going to Taipei (with two grueling stopovers and finding out that Delta Airlines does not include gate numbers on their boarding passes — I’ll need to find these myself with an hour stopover, yay) and definitely for the first five to six hours in Japan. This is going to be an adventure. This is something (and somewhere) I’ve always wanted to travel to. I just hope everything goes as planned.

Anyways, time to board!