Dear friends.

Don’t invite me out clubbing anymore.

Sincerely, your friend that is sick and tired of getting asked to go hang out with drunk 19 year olds in a dark room that don’t know how to dance.

I’m 23, in a relationship, and it’s fucking cold outside. Use your brain, please. I have better things to do than drink my face off. My grandma has been sick in the hospital, I don’t have money to burn, and, for the very last time, I HATE CLUBBING IN VANCOUVER. If you keep asking me, you seriously do not fucking know me very well and your texts and FB messages will go unanswered.

Have a great day.

4 Comments on “Dear friends.”

  1. Sabrina says:

    woah anger issues.

  2. uwannagoclubbing says:

    Hey sup,

    I heard your grandma is sick, wanna go clubbing?
    Clubs Yawanna

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