Warrior Dash.


In 4.5 hours. Who’s fucked? Me. Let’s hope I survive the race…and after.

Come visit me at The Biltmore this weekend!

I love shallow, shameless plugs but this one is of a definite worthy cause!
Local-E Bazaar
This Saturday, July 7th, I will be at The Biltmore (2755 Prince Edward) participating in an event called, the local-E Bazaar. This one-day event will highlight many of Vancouver’s talented indie designers and gems and will be featuring a variety of handmade leather goods, jewelry, t-shirts, bathing suits and more! And what will I be doing there? Well, my company, Dolce Delights, will be providing some deliciously indulgent cupcakes — vegan, gluten-free, and full-fat options will be available. I chose to participate in this event because I think it is very important we, small business owners, support eachother and get the community involved as much as possible. We will be there all day from 11:00am-4:00pm and there will even be a full bar in swing (sorry kiddies)! What’s that? Cupcakes, booze, and shopping? What more could a girl possibly ask for? So, if you haven’t gotten a chance to try my cupcakes yet (and by now, you really have no excuse), we hope to see you there!

May is a wonderful month.

Besides October (my birthday and Halloween), May is definitely by far my most favourite month of the year. The flowers are in full bloom, the sun is starting to shine on a more regular basis, and thirdly, it’s spot prawn season. But other than that, there always seems to be lots of things going on in May that it gives off the feel good summertime vibe. Last year, I only had Vegas but this year, every weekend is booked. I can hardly believe that it’s already the middle of May!
Bantoo & Meena's wedding
To start the month off, I went to my very first Indian wedding! When I was in Seattle this past March, I ran into my ex who was there for the bachelor party, and ended up with an invite to my ex’s friend’s wedding (whom I am also friends with; I wasn’t a complete random there). It was pretty fun, although I don’t believe it was an accurate representation of other Indian weddings. We were just there for the reception but all in all, it was a lot of fun! Free food, free booze — can’t really go wrong with that.
Bantoo & Meena's wedding
Other than that, it’s been a while since I saw a musical so when I was offered a crazy deal for tickets to see Rock of Ages, I jumped at the opportunity.  I honestly didn’t really know what this musical was about except for the fact that it was a hit on Broadway and it featured music from the late 1980s. What a surprise. It was a great performance. Taking place at the Centre for Performing Arts, I was a bit skeptical because I am aware of how small the theatre is (I’ve also seen Chicago and Avenue Q there but they made it work). It wasn’t an issue and honestly, I was very impressed with almost everything. I wasn’t exactly impressed with the vocals of Drew whom I think was being played by his understudy at the matinee show I saw yesterday as it didn’t seem to be strong enough/keep up with the rest of his colleagues. And I think “The Final Countdown” should have been the closing song for Act I and the opening should have been “Any Way you Want it/I Wanna Rock”. Oh well. It was still a stellar performance and I honestly think my boyfriend enjoyed it more than I did, ironically. Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” was the perfect song to close the show. Rock on!
Rock of Ages Following the show, I went to Vancouver International Tequila Expo at the Vancouver Convention Centre. My god, I have never seen so many tomato-faced white people in my entire life. Is this what the Vancouver Playhouse Wine Festival is like? Dear lord. So many trainwrecks in there. Besides that, I got to try some premium tequila and discover a new appreciation for the drink (I’m still not a fan – still, for the most part, tastes like shit to me).  Again, I think my boyfriend benefitted a whole lot more than I did at this event. Afterall, I did buy the tickets for him since he’s a huge tequila lover and collector. I am such a good girlfriend.

Lastly, this has been such a magical month thus far. I’ve been thinking a lot lately and going back and forth on some things and have  done a ton of waiting around, but I am happy to say that I am most definitely in love. And I love the feeling. And I love how it makes me feel. I love how he makes me feel. I love my boyfriend. I love love.

May is a wonderful month. Nice things happen.

Update! Balut eating contest!?

Hello world! What’s new? Well, for starters, I now get evenings and weekends off which enables me to participate in fun things like:
– Sexytimes
– Spartacus
– Cooking and baking for EVERYONE!

It also allows me to be coerced into mortifyingly grotesque eating competitions like the Balut Contest, hosted by my friend, Kym, owner and designer of Herro Hachi, which happened last Thursday at Little Ongpin in Richmond. Balut. You must’ve heard someone mutter that word before. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a baby chicken fetus, eyes, beak, and all.  It’s usually boiled and creates this “soup” inside of the shell as well as cooked yolk and egg white. Derricious?  Ha.  Now, mind you, I haven’t had balut since I was a child. So this experience was definitely…interesting. Or challenging?  See for yourself:

So I was in the “Advanced” category… Why? I have no idea. Only because I had it before…but again…THAT WAS YEARS AGO!!! Anywho, timer was on for five minutes but we ran out early (ha ha!) after we collectively consumed 29 baluts. I contributed to 5.5 of those eggs! What up.
Balut contest
Balut contest


I’m so excited!!!!!

Holy crap, VALENTINE’S DAY IS TOMORROW!!!!! If you’ve been around me for the past 24 hours, you’ll know that I’ve been bouncing off the walls. And seriously, can you really blame me? It’s been 5 years since I’ve actually celebrated a Valentine’s Day! I have somebody this year (although it is still questionable as to what status we are at) and I am definitely taking advantage of that. Go big or go home. I’ve roughly planned everything like a mad woman so it will be seriously hard for me to be disappointed/for things to go wrong. I just want it to be tomorrow because I honestly feel (and this is a direct quote of what I said previously at work to a coworker) “that I am going to burst into confetti with excitement”. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. Can’t wait. See y’all on Wednesday…!

3rd Annual Cupcake Throwdown.

The Cupcake Throwdown is back for its third year in Vancouver and yours truly will be competing once again!  It’s taking place on Thursday, February 16th at the Chapel Arts (304 Dunlevy Ave) from 7:00-9:00pm. Admission is only $10.00 which entitles you to 5 tasting tickets (additional tasting tickets available for purchase for $1.00 each) and goes to the social enterprise, H.A.V.E. CafeLast year, I competed for the first time and entered my sweet potato and carrot cupcake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting and got third place in the taste category. I have yet another innovative flavour that will be both accessible to vegans and celiacs so I do hope to see some of you familiar faces out there! Besides, who can say no to cupcakes?!

The gendering of cupcakes.

So I’m competing in the Enterprize Canada Business Plan Competition on Friday. I received feedback on my business plan lastnight and to be honest, I was a little crushed. I was expecting some honest critique, and well, it was brutally honest. I’m fine with that. Just means that I’ll have to nail the presentation aspect (and bribery aka cupcakes) of the competition.

But there was one comment that really stuck with me.  In my original business plan proposal which I had sent in last month to qualify for the competition, I was very general and vague (my mistake; dude, I was a week over the deadline — extension granted); HOWEVER, everything is backed up in my actual presentation with greater detail. Anywho, in my market research component, I stated that “Desserts are stereotypically catered to females”.  I acknowledged this.  This is a contributing factor as to why a large majority of my clients are of the female population. In response to this, the judge(s) in the qualifying round said: “It may be that Dolce Delights has been marketing itself using feminine designs, which is in fact alienating a large portion of their potential market“. I’m uncomfortable with this. As a lover of pink and ribbons and “cutesy” designs, the brand is reflecting who I am, what I want my business to look like, and how it will be represented.  In no way am I trying to discriminate my products from any gender. For god’s sake, I’m a Gender Studies minor.  I am well aware of gender issues, equality, and stereotyping. I do not believe by changing my branding to the colour blue and splashing Hot Wheels (haha aging myself here) silhouettes will garner any prospective male clients.

And WTF does “feminine designs” even refer to?  I’m just curious to hear a possible answer to this. Or, in general, how to better market Dolce Delights to the male audience. I think introducing more “manly” (and I say that in quotations for a reason) flavours like the maple bacon one I did a couple days ago is a better approach to be more male-inclusive.  Again, this is a product of stereotyping again which can be equally detrimental, which I hate doing.

Also, where/what databases can I use to actually conduct and gather concrete statistics on cupcakes to further support my argument that there is a need for my product? Art major here. Seeking business help.

New prospects to look forward to.

No, not referring to men. Sorry.

SInce that aspect of my life is pretty bleak, there are, however, a few things that have been a brewing in the past month or so that I have been anxiously and excitedly looking forward to announce. First of all, I made the Western Regionals for the Enterprize Canada Business Plan Competition.  I’m pretty stoked for this.  Ever since the SFU SEY competition I was in last November, I have been looking forward to any opportunities that would let me compete again.  I submitted my business plan and looks like I’ll be competing at UBC on Friday. UBC friends, feel free to holler at me that day/keep me company/cheer me on. Super excited.

I’m also really looking forward to the XY Boom Conference next week. As I have recently completed my undergrad and am desperately looking for a job, this conference is perfect.  It honestly couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. Really looking forward to the speakers, new peers to meet, and professionals to network with.

On a similar note, I did hear back from the one and only job posting in my field. Hurray! Hopefully I am well-suited for it and I nail the interview. We shall see…

2012 sure is looking good so far.

Back to the daily grind.

Christmas holidays were wonderful. Lots of food, family, and a whole lot of Sound of Music. Also managed to sneak up to Whistler over Boxing Day for some fresh powder and my first time boarding in six years. Not too shabby.  NYE was a bust but turned out pretty good in the end. Shangri-La, B’s friend’s apartment, then loft party. Escaped third wheeldom and started off the year with some good oldschool hip hop, smoked gouda, and chillin’ times. Starting the year off on the right foot. Done all my applications, busy writing up my business plan, and most importantly, learning how to relax. 2012 – should be good year!
NYE 2012
Christmas dinner at Kat's
NYE 2012
Christmas at Kat's
NYE 2012
NYE 2012
NYE 2012
NYE 2012
NYE 2012

Peace out 2011. Hello 2012!

2011 came and went and what can I say? I’m glad it’s over. It definitely didn’t top 2010 but it had its ups and downs. Pretty eventful on the whole — a hell of a lot of concerts and shows, more mini roadtrips but less larger trips, and a ton of academic accomplishments, and a flavourful combination of men. Overall, it was actually a pretty fun year, now that I think about it.

Some highlights of the year?

1. Taylor Swift
2. Britney Spears & Nicki Minaj
3. Kanye West & Jay Z
(forgettables too drunk to remember: Kid Cudi, Bruno Mars, Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj

1. Wicked
2. Legally Blonde
3. Avenue Q
4. Hairspray
5. Fiddler on the Roof

1. Vegas
2. Harrison Hot Springs
3. Victoria
4. Seattle/Tacoma x 2
5. Riviera Maya

1. SASSquatch
2. SFU Student Entrepreneur of the Year
3. Project GIVE
4. Last semester and 3.0 GPA
5. Dolce Delights

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
2. Stanley Cup playoffs
3. Fuck Valentine’s Day
4. Red Bull Thre3style
5. Random new friends/men/parties

I hope 2012 brings some good times! Already looking forward to the fall. Should be a good year. 2011’s peacin’ out… I can’t wait to peace out of this city come September. 2012, please be good to me.