July happenings.

July 24th. Seriously? Where has this summer gone? This month has been especially busy for me, especially for cupcakes. Been MIA a ton but that’s a good thing, right? Some quick recaps (wish I had photos!!! iPhone pictures just do not cut it):

Harrison Hot Springs. Really wish I took pictures here. Took my boyfriend to my house up at Harrison for the first time. It was probably the hottest weekend ever and alas, I was working in the morning. Made it to Harrison by 5:00pm and showed him the actual hot springs — a caged pool, no joke. The Harrison Arts Festival was going on as well so there were tons of vendors along the esplanade. Water was at its highest I have ever seen in all my years there (really really wish I had took a picture of this… it was such a great sight). I sadly did not don my bathing at all because, well, I thought it’d be blazin’ hot the next day. Nope. Rain. Pouring rain. Rained so hard that we left after lunch. Le sigh. Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze it in by the end of the summer.

Maple Ridge Caribbean Festival. After our disappointment, we headed straight to the Caribbean Festival in Maple Ridge. Even though it was chilly and wet, I was surprised at the volumes of people that were there. I seriously wasn’t aware that there was such a huge Black community in the Ridge. Odd. Listened to some reggae, nom’d on goat curry and other Caribbean-influenced eats, and danced the night away. So fun.

Snoop Dogg. I also went and saw Snoop Dogg at the Commodore last Friday. Random? Yes. Dude, tickets are $60 and he is a fucking classic – how could I not?! It was awesome. Besides seeing a whole ton of white trash and half of Surrey there, it was a short but fun concert to go to. Peaceful, even. Everyone was blazin’ and/or drinking while I spent the whole night dancing in my hot pink Snoop Dogg dress completely stick sober (I was sick, really sick). I really am regretting not running to the front when he was picking girls to go party with him after because the girls that were picked were so boring and not even hot. “Snoop, my girlfriend’s hotter than those girls!!” – my boyfriend. Aw.

Whistler. And despite my sickness, I trekked up to Whistler the next day for a quick weekend trip (thanks Aaron!). Went up to check out the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and wow, I haven’t heard them play in 11 years and it was simply breathtaking. Really appreciated the music. So talented. Also hit the club, the hot tub, and Cow’s — Whistler in a nutshell. The rain, yet again, ruined our plans to go horseback riding the next day so again, headed home early. Quick trip did its purpose though! Love Whistler.

And what’s next? Certainly no vacations for me. Studying will commence will begin soon and saving towards the big move is in the works. Definitely looking forward to Sparking Hill Resort in September though. Yes, the gorgeous Swarovski-encrusted resort in wine country. Can’t. Wait.

My two cents on diets, shakes, and weight loss.

First of all, I am not a fitness expert, nutritionist, or dietition. Second of all…there is no second of all. Read and please enjoy. Agree to disagree.

So, I’m sure you have all heard about this “Body by Vi” product. This is apparently the newest and hottest multilevel marketing (who remembers Monavie?) product. It promises weight loss on a 90-day challenge. And what is the challenge, you may ask? Two shakes (I believe it’s a soy-based protein powder) — one for breakfast, one for lunch — and a light dinner. The whole point of this new shake is to decrease the amount of calories your body is taking in and minimize what you consume; generally, it’s just lowering your overall caloric intake to lose weight. Uh, the last time I checked, this wasn’t rocket science. Isn’t this just pure common sense?

Another fad that I heard about (and also a New York Times Bestseller) was “The Four Hour Body” where the author, Tim Ferris, an award-winning novelist, strictly dictates what you are to eat, meal-by-meal. This diet completely cuts out carbohydrates and encourages consuming large amounts of calories and is very protein (read: meat)-focused. Sounds familiar? Atkins diet ringing a bell anyone?

I don’t know… Maybe I’m being a hater or maybe I’m just being overly self-conscious about my own body because of everybody’s statuses and updates on Facebook or maybe because I’m almost 10lbs heavier than my peak three years ago, but I really think all these diets are just very silly. I saw another update today on Instagram with a very sad looking piece of chicken and sliced tomatoes and thought, “Gosh, do these peoples’ diets have to suffer so much?”.  It just seems that these diets are “quick fixes” or just shortcuts to actually getting in shape, toning up, and losing weight. Because yes, that’s great and all to be relying on smoothies to shrink down a few inches, but how about I check on you in about six months and see if that weight is still being kept off. That is my real concern, that these “diets” are not adequate enough to keep the weight off.

I am an advocate for people who are losing weight and sculpting their bodies in a “traditional” sense. I’m talking about eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and getting enough sleep. My current philosophy on this topic would be to work out often, stay hydrated and satiated, rest, and most importantly, know what you are putting in your body. I am really focused into putting whole foods into my diet. Monday to Friday, on the most part, am vegetarian. I rely on whole grains, legumes, and vegetables and generally avoid gluten, red meat, and if I can, cow milk products. I think the most important part of weight loss and losing inches is largely dedicated to one’s diet aka what food you are consuming and digesting.

Despite my bitterness, I want to say good luck to everyone on their journey to “healthiness”. Who knows, maybe that Body by Vi crap does work for some people and perhaps I am just challenging you to prove me wrong. Either or, I still think it’s a hilarious load of junk. Please stop sending me invites.


The age game.

For those have known me for x number of years, you will know that I am attracted to the older man. The teacher, the business man, the one that’s 20 years my senior — it’s like I was born with this inherent borderline reversed perverted attraction. It’s never been a problem, or atleast I thought it would never be one. I mean, older men possess everything that I want to have or look towards in a potential boyfriend/husband: financial security, a house(s), a vehicle to get them to A to B, and hopefully, they’d already have their shit together. Um, yum? Yes please.

But it’s not always an attractive factor. It can also be unappealing at times, almost a turn off. I hate to be quoting an older guy that I was seeing who was only four years older than me that I incredibly hated for playing me but I understand now what he meant when he said we were at “different life stages”. I get it now, I totally do. Because although age may not matter, some things are undeniable and when there is a remarkable age difference at hand. One person may want one thing and the other may definitely feel obliged, or almost pressured to succumb to it. Perhaps I’m speaking for just myself, but it is a little bit of a scary thing. I am a generous person and I want to do everything and more for the person I love but am I willing to sacrifice my youth to commit on such  a serious level?  I may not be looking for anybody in particular at this very moment but what happens if I change my mind (which I so frequently do on a regular basis)? It’s just not fair. Not fair for me but most definitely not fair for the other person involved. I’m torn.

When did something so simple like my high school fantasies become such a complicating (which really should not be complicating) issue? I really shouldn’t be feeling this unnecessary pressure. Have I gone in too deep?

Something to be excited about!

Despite my mundane routine-ness, I finally have some pretty awesome things to look forward to! So awesome that I can’t even reveal anything yet. If I just count my lucky stars… I’ll make it happen somehow. It’s time for me to take charge and control how my life is going to turn out.

Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday: Reloaded.

Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Reloaded
‘Bout time I got some new workout music! Sick album — lots of pop and house influence, little bit of MIA, and lots of great collaborations. Beez in the Trap, Automatic, Whip It, Sex in the Lounge, and I am Your Leader amongst my faves. Love Nicki Minaj!!!

The iPhone.

I’m tweeting again. I’m posting pictures again. My 4sq is no longer dormant. There’s music blaring through my headphones. Is it the apocalypse? No…
iPhone 4GS After 1.5 years, I have now reunited and am currently reacquainting myself with my new iPhone..4S edition. Oh, how the heavens sing. I can be a social snob again!

Big day tomorrow.



S Club 7…REUNION!?!?

Yes, you read right. And yes, this is definitely blog-worthy news. Who remembers S Club 7, the awesome British co-ed band that gave you hits like “Bring it All Back”, “Never Had a Dream Come True”, and “Natural”?! And who didn’t watch their sho S Club in Miami/LA/Hollywood (and pulling a Spice Girls, they apparently made a movie too – must watch)?! YES, well one of my favourite British bands is rejoining forces again for a reunion tour later this year AS WELL as a new album! Never had a dream come true….TIL NOW! Stoked.

And this is kind of hilarious. Before picture:
S Club 7 before
AFTER! Major weightgain and ugliness. Sigh. What happened to Paul??!
S Club 7 after

Ever wanted to date me?

This is why you should (have). Behold. My Bachelor Canada video submission. Let the hilarity ensue.

The end. (I am now off the market, sorry boys!)

Also, big thanks to my friend Aaron for filming and editing this whole video. And additional thanks to Julia, Danielle, and Manu for giving me your “testimonials” (unscripted, I swear). AND a HUGE thanks to all the dick douchebags that contributed to my fabulous dating history and gave me tons of reasons to bitch and to audition for this show in the first place! Ha!

Currently addicted to…

Spartacus. Finished the first season and mini series prequel in two weeks. Watch now.

Honestly, I never thought I’d get into this show but hey, it’s got full frontal nudity, glistening muscular men and blood. Something for everybody. Addicted.