Well hello again.

Hey world. I think it is finally time that I start this up again.

The end.

I’m finally done writing this chapter of my life. Au revoir!

Well, hello again.

All of my photos from my Asia trip are uploaded. You know what that means. Expect a picture heavy post within the next week. I’ll be back, one day.


Peace out 2012. Thanks for being good to me. Hope 2013 is the same, if not better! Happy New Year!!!

The downfall of competitiveness.

I’ve always been competitive by nature. Always striving for excellence, to simply be the best. It’s not a negative quality to have, you know.  Why settle for something mediocre and sub-par when you can be on top?  Besides, I was taught that winning is everything.  I love having all the glory — who doesn’t?

But I’ve learned that it can indeed be a bad thing.  Ever since I was a child, I had never been the best at anything. I’d be good at things — art, spelling, sports — but never thebest. This carried on throughout highschool and later throughout my university career. I grew out of my shy shell and became a super keener — i was involved in anything and everything. Pep club, poster club, track and field, wrestling, cheerleading, student union, dance — you name it, I was in it. But the funny thing is, I never became the best.  It was actually kind of annoying, always being good but not good enough. This struggle (or perhaps conflict of my huge ego) even penetrated into my personal life.  Why was I still single?  I was (and still am) perky, athletic, smart, tanned, and I operate my own cupcake business, for god’s sake! And even though I now have a boyfriend, I am still striving (not struggling anymore) to be the best…girlfriend…to the point that I keep constantly compare myself to his other past ex’s and booty calls. What the hell. Come to think about it, I don’t even think half the things I’ve done in my life were for myself. I was always doing it for others, to impress people. Hell, at one point, this blog was used as a form of self-gratification.

See? Being the “best” isn’t always great. It can be, but it can also make a sick, twisted, and manipulative person. Atleast I had the sense to actually realize that.

The rules of dating.

Want to date me (well who wouldn’t)? Here are my do’s and don’t’s for the fellas:

DO show up on time. I can be late (hardly ever), but you can’t. Thanks.
DON’T make future plans with me if you don’t intend on keeping them. On that note, please refrain from using the term, “we”.
DO chivalry. It’s not dead. Pay the bill, open the door, and walk me to my car. I like that.
DON’T overly make fun of me. I know I’m awkard, but I’m cute so I can pull it off.
DO honesty. From the beginning. Read.
DON’T piss me off. Do you really want to be on my blacklist? Don’t underestimate my ability of ruining your life. There may be (usually is) collateral damage.
DO be yourself. I’m dorky and awkward too. I’m nonjudgmental. I like everyone.

I also like to break the rules a lot. Sometimes I’ll text you first (although I don’t enjoy it), maybe drive to you (only applicable if you live downtown), and not abide by the third date rule (what’s that?). Other than that, what’s not to love?


I hate that this is my last semester. Priorities right now?

SFSS Events.

Everything is dependent on eachother right now. I hate it.