New dating prospects?

Nope, none. Why? Because lately it’s been all work, no play…which is why I am bringing the question out to you guys! I’m thinking of starting my dating escapades again but where from this time? Club? Craigslist? HighSchool? Restaurant? Work? Gym? Blind date? I’m running out of ideas! I like unconventional routes too, to keep it interesting. I’m actually signed up for speed dating next month (thanks Groupon!) and I’ve had some suggestions for Twitter (decent) and Chatroulette (not so much). Gotta add some spice to my life!

Oh, and what about Drew? Wellll…… this week was supposed to be designated gelato week BUT I actually haven’t run into him yet. And yes. This is when it helps if I had his number. Which I don’t. But he does. He technically does. He has my business card/has yet to contact me for cupcakes. A route that I am leaning towards is messaging him on Facebook — we’re not friends. Yet. I’m crazy. I know. But I’m giving it til next Tuesday for something to happen! Damn you Murphy’s Law.

Teardrops on my guitar.

This song now has a special meaning to it.

Speak now.

After waiting a long, grueling seven months, I finally got to see Taylor Swift live in concert at Rogers Arena for her Speak Now World Tour 2011. I’m still speechless — all I’ve gotta say that it was hands down, the best concert that I have seen this year. The girl is talented. Extremely. She delivers and is able to conjure up the same quality of sound that is presented on her albums and sounds exactly like her tracks (and not in the lipsync kind of way). It was a simple stage but the props and decorations were pretty elaborate. My favourite scene was Enchanted. But I also loved how she opened up with my favourite song on the album, Sparks Fly. She did this killer medley of Back to December, Apologize by OneRepublic, and You’re Not Sorry (now posted on my Facebook) and this super cute ukelele version of Fearless. Oh my god. It was so good. Her music means so much to me because I actually listened to her quite a bit while I was going through a number of boy-related issues. It was perfect. And yes, I did cry. Amazing performance. Gym guy agrees as well. Yes, I went with him. But yes… This one was definitely in my top 3 best concerts of all time. Wish I could go back and see it all over again!
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Taylor’s album Speak Now is all about those “What if?” moments and those times that if you don’t speak up, your moment is lost. The message that she is trying to convey is to be in the moment and don’t hold back because you might regret it later and dwell on those lost memories. And on that note, I did make the effort to speak up…to a certain someone….named Drew. YES. I asked him out today! And I’m still bouncing off the walls. Yay!

And if you’re curious as to what you missed out on, just watch her video, Spark’s Fly:


Thanks to my super awesome stalking skills, I found out he has a girlfriend! Ha, go me! FML.

On the same note, who doesn’t love Jojo‘s remix of Marvin’s Room by Drake. Yeah.

Fuck that new girl that you like so bad
She’s not crazy like me I bet you like that
I said fuck that new girl that’s been in your bed
And when you’re in her I know I’m in your head
I mean, I’m just saying you can do better
Always turned you out every time we were together
Once you had the best boy, you can’t do better
Baby I’m the best so you can’t do better

And Chris Brown‘s is pretty sick too.


Fate or coincidence?!

Well, as a response to this post, I found Drew! Like three times today. Turns out he works in the same building as me. And passed by three times when I was there. My old English teacher once told me that the number three was a lucky number. Pure luck? Coincidence? Or fate? I’d like to believe it was fate.

Now what nickname shall I name him? Hm…

Drew, where are you!?

Does anyone know a half Filpino half white guy named Drew? Brown eyes, pale skin, half sleeve tat on his right arm, maybe 5’10 at most? I ran into him a couple times few days ago at my work and he seems super dope. Help a sister out?