Afternoon tea at the castle.

I am a complete girly girl and one of my absolute favourite pasttimes is afternoon tea. And since my childhood friend, Carrie, just convocated from McGill, what better way to celebrate than with afternoon tea? We went to The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver which was a little awkward since, well, I quit just over a month ago and people still recognized me. Awkward. But all in all, it jazzed up our Monday. Caught up with things and then the sun came out — perfect Monday.
Carrie and meCongrats to Carrie on completing her undergrad! So proud of you, babygirl!

Money can’t buy you happiness.

It’s true. I considered myself a pretty big paper chaser until…now. I recently left my super fun job at glowbal grill steaks + satay to pursue a similiar position at the beautiful and historical Fairmont Hotel Vancouver only to find that the job was not for me. The pay was pretty ridiculous for the task at-hand but after just a week of working there (and watching my youth being sucked away — the demographic there is pretty much 50+), I had enough. Call me stupid, but I think I’ll be just fine this summer with going to school full-time, serving at Hapa Umi (soon!!!), and doing what i love and what I do best, bakingĀ  my Dolce Delights cupcakes for people I love. Oh, and of course, a little travel here and there.

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