Reality TV vs. Real TV.

I love the Food Network. I watch it religiously. I love learning new recipes, adapting them, and making them come to life in my own kitchen. I remember back in the day when I used to watch Emerill Lagasse and Anna Olson on Sugar. They taught us recipes. Now, it’s all mucked up with reality TV shows and god awful TV personalities. Sure, there are still a few good handful of shows that actually teach you how to cook, but the majority of the shows on the Food Network are mainly comprised of reality-like shows such as Top Chef, The Next Food Network Star, The Worst Cook in America, Ace of Cakes, Iron Chef, Recipe to Riches… the list can go on. These shows are for entertainment purposes — I get that. But when I am faced with actual “cooking” shows, I’m left with Nadia G from Bitchin’ Kitchen who makes my ears bleed, Giada de Laurentiis from Cooking with Cleavage Everyday Italian, and Michael Smith who loves to talk to us like we’re his kid, Gabe, when he was like 3 years old. Good god. Shoot me now.

My second favourite channel, on the other hand, would be Slice, which is so full of bat shit crazy girls on The Real Housewives (best show ever). I love witnessing all the drama unfold and I secretly do enjoy watching people lose their shit in their dysfunctional lives. It makes me feel a whole lot better about myself.

Overall, there has been an ongoing trend in the past decade. Reality is the new TV. People are interested in seeing what goes on in peoples’ lives. It’s entertainment, for sure, and everybody on TV, reality or not, is selling a personality. It’s fake, it’s scripted, but it sure as hell keeps me reeled in.

And yes, despite this post, I am still applying to be on The Bachelor Canada. Now, just narrowing down how I want to be perceived…


One of my very good friends, Cookie, goes to UViC and since I was craving for a mini getaway, I thought “Why not go visit her in Victoria?”. So I managed to persuade my friend Mimi (it wasn’t hard at all) to come with and, well, what do you know, it’s the old 2011 Harrison Hot Springs crew aka we knew were gonna wreck havoc. All in all, it was a quick but great trip spent with two of my favourite ladies. Double decker busses, mi goreng x 7, chocolate-covered polvoron, the only time we were happy to see Applebee’s, QUIDDITCH, 9one9, noodle time, pho times, Red Fish Blue Fish’s spot prawn mayo, KETCHUPY, carbicide, girl talk boy talk, “wever”, Mimi’s possessed face… Good times, girls! Until the next mi goreng party.
Double decker busses in Victoria
Me and Mimi
Me and Mimi
Me and Cookie

Red Fish Blue Fish
The Empress

1. Double decker busses! 2. Ferry boat ride. 3. Not even a fraction of the damage we did. 4. Me and Mimz. 5. Me and Cookie. 6. UVic. 7. Quiddtch. 8. Brisket and flank pho at Pho Vy. Mandatory, obviously. 9. Halibut fish ‘n chips with spot prawn mayo at Red Fish Blue Fish (as seen on the Food Network’s Eat Street) 10. Wharf. 11. The Empress. 12. Nighttime sky.

More exciting news!

And to continue with yesterday’s post, here’s what else I’ve been doing but with my cupcake company, Dolce Delights!

Young Women in Business (YWiB) SFU Launch Party

YWiB SFUAs a proud member of YWiB SFU, I was completely thrilled when they contacted me to partner up for the 2011 launch party. Sadly, I wasn’t even there! I heard it was a blast, however, and the cupcakes were gone within minutes. Looked like a super fun event though!

Invito Couture Grand Reopening Party

Dolce Delights at Invito Couture Grand ReopeningAnother event that I sadly had to have missed. Invito Couture, a store selling beautiful gowns and cocktail dresses imported from Turkey, recently moved to a bigger and better (and more suitable) location on South Granville. The night was filled with wine and cupcakes — match made in heaven.

SFU Student Entrepreneur of the Year 2011

SFU Student Entrepreneur of the YearSEY. Okay, this is actually something I have been waiting for since last year. The name’s pretty self-explanatory. Hesitant to compete last year, I felt that I was ready for the competition this time around. Currently in the preliminary rounds, I’ll get to know if I made the second phase by Halloween. Crossing fingers. It’s kind of a really big deal and I am so excited to be taking part in this!

The 2011 Notable Awards

2011 Notable Awards Now this one came as a complete surprise to me. I noticed an ad in the Metro paper last week that nominations were ending for the Notable Awards. What’s that? It’s basically an award that recognizes up-and-coming young professionals in various categories all across Canada. I had nothing to lose… and guess what… I MADE IT IN THE TOP 10 IN THE LIFESTYLE SERVICES CATEGORY! What the HELL. Pretty exciting news. Big deal? Kinda. I’m up against two Food Network chefs (OMG CHUCK HUGHES!!!) and local foodies, Erin Ireland and Gourmet Fury! Finalists go to Toronto nexts month for the actual awards ceremony. Please vote for me?!

And that’s, that! Some sweet news may materialize within the next week or so. God. I love being 22.

Recipe to Riches.

Recipe to RichesFood Network Canada is holding open casting calls for their newest show, Recipe to Riches, on Saturday, February 12th, 2011. If selected, I will be flown to Toronto to compete against other selected participants with their own cherished recipe in various categories.  Winner receives $250,000 and their recipe gets published and made-to-sell by President’s Choice. Of course, I will be entering because who knows, this may be my claim to fame. And everyone knows how I am determined to be the next Food Network star. I’ve got a penchant for food, fame, and fortune and the camera loves me so why not? The only question is, what recipe should I submit? Cupcake or…? For those of you who have been fortunate to have been invited to my lunches and dinners, what would you suggest I enter?! I need feedback, people!!!

Also, I need a pretty sweet videocamera to record my submission. Any takers? Will pay in the form of baked goods.

Cupcake Wars.

Everyone around town knows me as the “Cupcake Girl” because of my kick-ass cupcake biz, Dolce Delights, which is why I was super thrilled when the Food Network came out with this awesome new show, Cupcake Wars. How fitting!
Cupcake Wars
Okay, well the show isn’t exactly new (apparently it began airing in late 2009) but it is still amazing news to me!  As an aspiring cupcakepreneur, this show gives bakers and caterers a chance to dish it out…cupcake style. Each contestant is presented with a special theme ingredient (Iron Chef style) and must bake the cupcakes highlighting the key ingredient in a mere 45 minutes. I just finished watching the show as it recently just aired in Canada 30min ago and was so super stoked when it came on. The show gives such great exposure to those selected to be on it. One contestant didn’t even have a storefront until after she appeared on the show!!! How amazing is that?! It was so mind-blowing to me that when I heard they were casting for Season 2, I immediately applied. Hopefully it’s open to Canadian residents! I’m sure Americans can handle some healthy Canadian competition.