Something new!

I’ve finally decided on a name for my new food and recipe-based blog: Umami & Me. It will be a blog chronicling my new culinary adventures in cooking for two, reworking leftovers into new creative dishes, sharing my own recipes as well as adapted favourites, and on teaching others how to cook (aka my boyfriend). I’ll hopefully try to get atleast one post up before I leave on Thursday for Asia.

Food blog…maybe?

Been thinking of starting up a food blog. NOT the idiotic kind where you review restaurants (if you know my stance on this, you will understand). I was perhaps thinking of starting a food blog that contained recipes, my recipes or adapted favourites. Just a thought that’s always been in the back of my mind but have never said it outloud. Until now.

Maybe. Won’t be this year. Or will it?

I like food.

I’ve been eating out way too much lately and working out?  Ha. Food, 1. Me, 0. New eats this week (sorry, no pictures since I never bring my camera with me anywhere):

Commune Cafe. Been wanting to try this place out for a while. I really do enjoy the idea of having communal tables because, well, Vancouver is straight up bitchy. Having communal tables forces Vancouverites to sit together, get to know their neighbour, and hey, if you’re lucky, get to try your neighbours’ food. I was totally diggin’ the Braised Turkey Bacon Stuffing sandwich. Complete with a small salad, this is quite the filler. So damn good. The Spinach Dip? Not so much. It was liquidy and had way too much sour cream in it. I would like it not to be all blended together. Yuck. Complete miss. Overall, a good experience.

The Keg’s new dessert menu. So The Keg finally got rid of their disgusting Sweet Temptations (metallic-tasting mini desserts in a shot glass) and replaced it with, well, small desserts… on plates. I got the Passionfruit Creme Brulee (in a dreaded shot glass), Strawberry Shortcake, and their S’mores. Also got their new Warm Chocolate Cake. The cake was a go, except the top chocolate layer of the guy was rather rubber-y and the mini desserts? Fail yet again. Shortcake was probably the most decent out of the three. S’mores… I could probably make better at home. Or better yet, go to Earl’s when they have it again. And the passionfruit creme brulee? Yuck. Just stick with the original.

Glowbal. I know. I work at glowbal and yesterday’s visit was my fourth visit in four weeks (I KNOW). Pretty much need to try the ENTIRE menu. Wagyu Carpaccio? Ultimate bliss. 8 oz. AAA beef tenderloin with turnip puree and some unknown sauce that was completely orgasmic? Ah-mazing. King mushrooms? Consistent. Seasonal Berries Sabayon? Best ending to a great evening. Love glowbal. Every single time.

Creme de la Crumb. Finally got to use my coupon again!!! I’ve tried the Vanilla Bean and Pear scone last time and, hm… I don’t really see what the hype is all about. Maybe it’s because I don’t like scones. Or maybe it’s because I’m obsessed with the scones at the Fairmont Hotels. I don’t know. I mean, they’re good, but not “OMG ORGASMIC” good. Anyways, decided to pass up on the scones this time. Went with their Salami, Mortadella, and Prosciutto sandwich. Omg. So good. The peppery arugula and the pairing with the provolone and foccacia bread was to die for. So getting it again. Finished off with a Cranberry and Dark Chocolate Rice Crispy. In heaven.

What’s next? McD’s Apple Crisp. Will try tomorrow.

Santa gave me a new blog for Christmas.

Due to overall boredom and in search of a proper outlet, I have returned to blogging. I have retired my old Xanga account but will keep it online because my old posts are just too hilarious to delete.  When starting this new blog, I was seriously considering making it a food blog but then again, everyone has a food blog and is a “foodie” nowadays.  Plus, I bitch and complain way too much so, personal blog it is.

I look forward to posting and hearing all your comments on my fabulous unboring life!

PS. Merry Christmas! Hope everyone was good this year and got what they wanted from Santa.