Ever wanted to date me?

This is why you should (have). Behold. My Bachelor Canada video submission. Let the hilarity ensue.

The end. (I am now off the market, sorry boys!)

Also, big thanks to my friend Aaron for filming and editing this whole video. And additional thanks to Julia, Danielle, and Manu for giving me your “testimonials” (unscripted, I swear). AND a HUGE thanks to all the dick douchebags that contributed to my fabulous dating history and gave me tons of reasons to bitch and to audition for this show in the first place! Ha!

Complete debauchery.

I don’t know what exactly happened in the past few days but what I DO know is that I am completely sober and coherent enough today to actually write a blog post. So what have I been up to lately? Well, let’s start with Friday…

Canucks game. Watched Game 5 at Bentall Cactus Club. And yes, I know I’m not a fan (hence my non-Canucks attire) but it was my friend’s bday. Hit up Granville St after the game and was completely unamused. Hit up Fortune afterwards, ran into old friends, made some new ones, and took the party home to our new friends’ apartment. Came home in the wee early morning at 5am.
Granville St
Canucks flag Go Canucks Go
Don’t remember what happened Saturday so let’s fastforward to Sunday. Lazy Sunday. Dim sum with relatives and then went on a mini boat cruise with the ladies of Twitter in Horseshoe Bay. Sun, boat, coolers — couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon.
I'm on a boat
Then cheer…and then, Sunday fun day happened. So I used to work for the Yaletown Keg, right? Yeah, their staff party was that night so of course, me and Frances (who also used to work there) decided to crash it — and it was like we had never even left! Of course with the addition of like tons of new staff, it was just like old times. Complete debauchery. Full Moon style.
Yaletown Keg staff party
K-Rae, me, Frances
Frances, me, JessYeah, then it got really messy after these photos were taken. As per usual. Didn’t come home til 10am the next morning and had to work at 11:30am — yeah, not fun. Which is why I decided to take it easy lastnight and regain my classiness by sippin’ sake at Hapa Umi for Game 6 with some good company and returning to the Keg for dinner. WTF.
Hapa UmiWho knows what the next few days are going to bring… Game 7, Kid Cudi, house party and two friends’ birthdays again. Holy shit. Help my liver, please.

Money can’t buy you happiness.

It’s true. I considered myself a pretty big paper chaser until…now. I recently left my super fun job at glowbal grill steaks + satay to pursue a similiar position at the beautiful and historical Fairmont Hotel Vancouver only to find that the job was not for me. The pay was pretty ridiculous for the task at-hand but after just a week of working there (and watching my youth being sucked away — the demographic there is pretty much 50+), I had enough. Call me stupid, but I think I’ll be just fine this summer with going to school full-time, serving at Hapa Umi (soon!!!), and doing what i love and what I do best, baking  my Dolce Delights cupcakes for people I love. Oh, and of course, a little travel here and there.

133.8 lbs

Hapa Umi = hapa yummy.

After three days of delicious Japanese food, sushi, sake, shochu, and wine, I’ve got to say that I am really impressed with the newly anticipated restaurant, Hapa Umi, taking the spot of 200 Burrard St (now 909 W Cordova St), right by the old convention centre. A fan of Hapa Izakaya, I knew their food and drink would not disappoint.  I have been delighted to have tried the whole lunch, dinner, cocktail, and half of the sake menu and I cannot express how excited I am for the restaurant’s opening next week!  Hapa Umi is really taking Japanese food to another level and offers a take on Japanese cuisine that no other restaurant has done before. Think Nobu. So excited for the opening!

A little vino, a little sake, and a little Bruno.

I had the opportunity to attend a few events earlier this week. On Monday night, I had to opportunity to volunteer at the annual Forum for Women Entrepreneurs Gala, Once Upon a Grapevine, at the Fairmont Waterfront. I had a super awesome internship with the FWE last semester and it was so great to see some of the women that I have read about and projects that I had previously worked on come to life. I was selling raffle tickets the whole night… 2nd place, I believe? The highlight of my night (besides meeting some fabulous ladies and entrepreneurs) was probably when I sold tickets to the Honourable Gordon Campbell (so cool!!!). He also said my name. Yeah..what!
FWE GalaI also had the chance to sample some delicious local wines by Quails Gate, Raven Ridge, and a cider-based dessert one that I can’t remember the name of. If someone recalls what this wine is (yellow in colour), please let me know because I can honestly drink that all day long. Yum.
Hapa UmiLastnight, I began my orientation at the new Hapa Umi, coincidentally right across from the Fairmont Waterfront at Canada Place. Got to meet the owners and new coworkers and was introduced to the Hapa family. The space is absolutely beautiful — I was actually very impressed. Got to try some more wine, some items on the menu, and sake. Can’t really say much, but I am super excited for the opening early next month which is quickly approaching.
Bruno MarsAnd Bruno? Well, I’m going to see the beloved Bruno Mars at Rogers Arena on June 3rd. These artists need to stop coming to Vancouver — I’m seriously going broke.

Photo credit for Hapa Umi by Scout Magazine.