Memories from my iPhone: Part 1.

Forgot about these videos. White Castle Adventures in Chicago. The title is self-explanatory. Perhaps the title should’ve been “White Castle Gluttony”.

Attn: BBM users.

Y’all need to get a freakin’ life. Honestly. I don’t care if your so-called boyfriend didn’t BBM you back for 3 minutes. I don’t care that you can tell if a person has read your BBM message. I don’t care if someone stole your BBM profile picture. I DON’T CARE. Do you seriously think that me, a non-BlackBerry user, a person who has real issues to worry about honestly gives a crap? Please. Get a life and/or grow up. Seriously. So sick and tired of hearing this crap.

Another reason why iPhone > BlackBerry users.

130.0 lbs

Life without the iPhone.

So it’s been nearly a week since my phone decided die on me and surprisingly, I’m still phoneless. Not like I really have a choice though since a) I can’t afford an iPhone 4 right now and b) can’t apply for a loaner phone from Rogers since that phone was less than a year old.  Am I fucked?  I had originally thought so since I am without music, calendar, tweeting, EVERYTHING but I’m actually kind of enjoying life without it!  I’ve been extremely productive since my phone broke — I’ve finished all the tasks I wanted to do which I normally leave to the last minute such as cleaning my room, laundry, reading, assignments, etc. and have more time for extracurriculars like my new hobbie hot yoga!  So I’ve discovered that there IS life beyond being virtually connected 24/7.

…and that’s all going to change in less than two hours since Vanessa is providing me with an oldschool Samsung phone because, well, just admit it, I’m kind of a big deal.

Staff parties are always dangerous.

Whenever staff parties occur, some stupid shit always happens. Last year, Keg: my iPhone broke.  This year, Glowbal: my iPhone broke. I swear this is like some kind of sick sign: DO NOT BRING PHONES TO STAFF PARTIES EVER. So yeah. I’m without a phone, music, Lady Gaga TapTap, Foursquare, tweeting, texting, LIFE…atleast for the next month. I need to pay my bill, buy textbooks, contacts, and then a new phone. FML. RIP second iPhone 3GS.

Glowbal Staff Party Glowbal Staff Party
Glowbal Staff Party Glowbal Staff Party
Atleast the staff party was enjoyable, from what I remember. Held at Coast and O Lounge, the place was jam packed with staff from all of the Glowbal restaurants. Casino royale upstairs, Rock Band competition in O Lounge, delicious food prepared by all the talented chefs, and of course, non-stop drinks all night! Ended up at Republic yet again running into Carmen and then my cousin who drove me home and got his license suspended for 3 months. Such a memorable night.