Wake up in the mornin’ feelin’ like P-Diddy…

Yeah. I seemed to think it was a cool idea to drink and party for 5 out of the 7 days of this week.  I came to a brutal realization this morning that my life is NOT a Ke$ha song. Or Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” song. Or even more closely related, Katy Perry‘s song, “Last Friday Night (TGIF)”. Seriously. I need to detox. My body is so exhausted. I can’t even eat real food or beverages anymore. FML.

Pictorials from birthday extravaganza weekend part 1 (part 2 to commence this Friday):
Seb's house partySeb’s house party. I wait every year for this party because I can literally drunkenly stumble home. I was sad because the cops came and broke up the party at like 1am and forced everyone inside which erupted an awesome Bruno Mars singalong. And I met a childhood friend! Win.
Me, Kryztal, Bianca, Beth, Kim, and Megan
Me and birthday girl!
Me in the DJ booth!Bianca’s birthday! Too much fun…from what I can remember. As you can see, I DID make it into Republic. Leaving is something I don’t remember. But I do remember the curb. And the random Meditteranean food. Flash of a cab. Destroying the cab. And then waking up to my credit card missing (which my neighbour found but by then I had already cancelled the card — and for a good reason). Yeah. All this happened like by 1am.

I blame this ALL on Ke$ha. But all in all, good times as always! Can’t wait to do it all (almost all) again this weekend!

Cupcake domination + Return of the cupcake bra.

Lastnight was the 2nd Annual Cupcake Throwdown at Cafe Deux Soleil… And I am pleased to announce that my Sweet Potato Carrot Cupcake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting took 3rd place in the Taste Category!   It was my first time competing and trying out a new cupcake concoction (nervewracking, I know) but I am glad it was received very well! I had so much fun there and met some fantastic kick-ass bakers. It was super nice to meet so many great people that share this same crazy cupcake obsession as I… Most important news of all, a whopping $2600 was raised for H.A.V.E. — I am absolutely ecstatic at this news. Thank you to Stephanie for throwing on such an amazing event and to all my friends and tweeps that came out.  Also, I totally forgot my camera at home yesterday so if anyone has any photos from the event, I would love to see them!

Oh, and prizes? I got a few gift certificates to Six Acres, Burcu’s, and Deacon’s. Anyone want to come with?
Katy Perry California Dreams Tour
In other cupcake news, I just got tickets to Katy Perry’s California Dreams Tour! My friend had presale and snagged me some tickets. Not really a big fan of her though… just want to wear my epic California Gurls costume again! Stoked. July 19th, 2011. Can’t wait.