Wicked in Vancouver.

WickedI’m a huge musical junkie. And when I first heard that my favourite musical ever, Wicked, was coming to Vancouver at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, I knew I had to get tickets. Having read the books numerous times and seen this musical production on Broadway in NYC last summer, I thought to myself, “How is a traveling company going to pull this off?”. I came in with low expectations and, boy, did I ever underestimate it!!! It was a SPECTACULAR production of Wicked and from my memory, pretty damn close, if not better, than the one than I saw on Broadway. The stage production, lighting, costumes, the whole deal was just amazing. Perhaps it was because I got some pretty killer seats thanks to presale (row 5, dead centre orchestra) in comparison to the balcony seats I got in the Gershwin Theatre but I really did enjoy this production and cast. I have nothing bad to say about the cast, although I did wish I went to go see Anne Brummel during the evening performance (Christine Dwyer was the standby for the matinee, but marvelous nonetheless) but who knows…. Wicked will be performing for another month here at the Queen E so I am inquiring to take my mother to see an 8pm showing. Plus, I am just DYING to see see David Nathan Perlow who played Fiyero. What a knockout. And not just him, the whole cast was a knockout. Wicked the second time was… well, WICKED.

Memories from my iPhone: Part 3.

NYC. Best city ever. Miss that city. Miss my iPhone. Scratch that, miss having a smartphone in general.

Memories from my iPhone: Part 2.

Chinatown Icecream Factory on Canal St in NYC. Kick ass icecream. I miss it!