Vegas round 2!??!

This past weekend in Seattle was a wild one. Comparable to my last trip to Las Vegas last year over May Long Weekend in the sense that I was constantly in the WTF? mindset. I honestly wish I had pictures to show you but my camera broke the night before (actually, I think it broke on St. Paddy’s Day…another story). Some parts were actually NSFW so perhaps it’s a good idea that there are no pictures… Anyways.

It was Friday. The sun was shining, had a tankful of gas, and was accompanied by a great group of girls, our trip to Seattle started off amazingly. Despite the horrendous traffic and manouevering through both Vancouver and Seattle rush hour, we made it to our destination: the Renaissance Hotel, our home for the weekend. Situated in the heart of downtown, it was perfect. Couldn’t have asked for a better location. Sweet.

Hungry and tired, we ventured out to Pink Door for some Italian and burlesque. Unfortunately for us, the burlesque show is only on Saturdays (doh!) but we still managed to score front row for the live entertainment which was an excellent accompaniment to our fresh pastas and budino. Had a little vino and bubbly, we hit the town. Where to go? After going to this disgusting bar called the Alibi Room (the gum wall was right outside of it — should’ve gotten the hint), we asked around and were saved by this awesome street performer. “1st Avenue”, he said. So we ventured off and we see a club that we previously researched on: Amber. And you wouldn’t BELIEVE who I ran into on the way: my ex, Carmen. WTF? The whole point of this trip was to have a girl’s weekend and to get AWAY from people. Oh well. Turns out one of his friends was having a stag down there for the whole weekend. Well, if you can’t escape ’em, might as well join ’em. And free alcohol, VIP status, and a hot tub afterparty? Can’t really say no. And if that wasn’t coincidental enough, the whole bachelor party was staying at the Renaissance too! Double WTF? And then married men hitting on me. Triple WTF? Of course this shit happens to me. Isn’t life funny? Anyways, my ex and all his friends were a definite contributing to the amazingness of my weekend, no lie. We also did a round 2 at Seesound Lounge and List as well. Who knew running into your ex could be a good thing?

Drunken times aside, the rest of the time was spent to eating and shopping. I had the most amazing chipotle mac ‘n cheese from Beecher’s, corned beef hash at Bacco’s, the freshest dungeness crab cocktail (x2) at Pike Place Market, beef ‘n cheese piroshkies at Piroshky Piroshky, garlic noodles at PF Chang’s (don’t judge, I absolutely love that place, despite being the only Asians in there — and we were not lost), buffalo mushroom and truffle cheese pizza at Serious Pie, and a hot mess bitch (biscuits with grits, sausage gravy, scrambled egg, cheddar cheese, jalapenos, smoked sausage, yup) at Biscuit Bitch. As for purchases, I kind of went crazy. I hardly ever shop in physical stores anymore but was able to get some serious deals. Fur vest ($31!!!), tights, new Betsey Johnson handbag, Betsey Johnson bowtie earrings, Seychelles lace-up leather wedge booties, Michael Kors wallet…and flaming hot crunchy Cheetos and mega mystery Stride gum (I love buying shit that we can’t find in Canada!). Quite happy with my purchases. Too bad I can’t salivate over them until Wednesday cus I left them over at my bf’s place. Go me.

Overall, great weekend! Not Vegas but it was definitely comparable in a non-glam, casual way. Made me see Seattle in a totally different light. Looking forward to going back!