What’s up, doc?

Here’s a look at my last couple months of being 21 (aka what I’ve been up to lately). This is so long overdue. Prepare yourselves for a super picture heavy blog post!

SASSquatch 2011
So, after a long couple months of intense planning, the newly founded Society of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS) put on a very successful and first ever, Arts Frosh aka SASSquatch 2011! We were nearly sold out with 130 froshees and a solid team of team leaders, coordinators, and culinary team. It was a multiday event at Camp Howdy near White Pine Beach filled with initation, toga parties, activities, late night dance parties, wrestling matches, skits, rain, and ultimately, bonding time! I had such a blast! Finally got my “frosh” experience at SFU. Yay!
SASSquatch 2011
SASSquatch 2011
SASSquatch 2011
Ashoka’s Be a Changemaker Challenge
AshokaAs I was a past participant in Young Women in Business’ (YWiB) Project GIVE, a program that introduced me to the concept of social entrepreneurship, I knew I had to check out this free bootcamp and get my #socent juices going again. This event was exclusive to UBC and SFU students and sold out days before. It was both eye-opening and inspiring; really made me consider if our old group wanted to pursue our old social enterprise project, Day in the Life, a program designed to connect youth in highschools with professionals in their dream job.

Red Bull Thre3style

My friend B works at Red Bull and I was her plus one at this event. The Red Bull Thre3style is a DJ competition that occurs throughout North America (westcoast, eastcoast, etc.) that highlights that region’s best DJs. Hedspin won — Vancouver represent! Can’t wait til the finals which happen later next month at the Commodore. Stoked.
Red Bull Thre3style

Graffiti Party

Graffiti PartyFollowing our success with SASSquatch, SASS put on yet another nearly sold out event — Graffiti Party! This event took place at SFU’S Highland Pub (newly refurbished and renovated) and it was honestly so much fun! First doodle/graffiti party I’ve been oo… reminds me of the highschool days! Ironically, wearing my white private school dress shirt too… haha. Good times!
Graffiti Party

22nd birthday celebration

22nd birthday at Hapa Izakaya RobsonI celebrated my 22nd birthday this past weekend (I was still technically 21!!!) at Hapa Izakaya on Robson. Good food, good drinks, good company. All I could ever ask for.
22nd birthday
22nd birthday
22nd birthday
22nd birthday
22nd birthday

Lots more exciting news to come! Stay tuned…

Better off alone?

I was chatting with a girlfriend of mine over afternoon tea earlier last week and, like super girly girls (how much girlier can you get when you’re having afternoon tea?!), we were on the topic of relationships. She recently got out of a three year relationship and, well, y’all know I’ve been single for quite some time. But perhaps it has been a good thing. Just think about it. Remember when I used to date Surrey trash? Well, after that, I soon realized my potential and stopped wasting time on guys that just do not measure up to my standards. Also following that break up, I also coerced myself to heavily involve myself with activities. This is when I started cheerleading, when I became involved with the Criminology student union, the Style Spy, and Dolce Delights. Post-Chinese guy, I, again, flurried into a variety of extracurriculars: various internships, YWiB’s Project GIVE program, and just seemed to connect with the right people. I learned a lot. As cheesy as this sounds, I guess the stars were aligned or something. I tend to excel and peak after major breakups. Perhaps it’s because of the newfound liberty and decreased responsbility that I am able to commit my time, energy, and passion into other activities that are actually worthwhile. Men just never really fit into the picture.

Looking back, I’m trying to recall a time where I excelled when I was with someone. Hm… nope, I don’t think so. And now that the fall semester will  quickly be underway, it has made me question whether or not I should even give any potential relationships some thought.  Everything happens for a reason despite efforts in trying to prevent them from happening. Who knows?

And don’t get me wrong — I definitely feel as if I am ready for a new and exciting relationship. Timing always seems to be an issue. Actually, no. The biggest issue for me is that I can never find someone who can keep up with me. I am looking for someone who inspires me, someone I can learn from everyday. And I want to share and inspire them in return (and of course, bake them super awesome goodies).

So what’s with this indecisiveness? Confusing, eh?  Let’s just say I have a lot of time to think about useless crap when I’m at work. Hm!


All you need is a little inspiration.

This week has been insanely stressful, suffering from a severe lack of sleep, a flurry of assignments and work, but it has been one of the most fulfilling and rewarding weeks this year. I have ended this week feeling incredibly inspired.
The Buzz EventI’ve been cupcakin’ big time lately. Collaborating with various fundraisers as well as the third ever The Buzz Event at Joseph Richard‘s this past Thursday. I really do hope everyone enjoyed the delicious treats! Baking is a huge hobbie of mine and cupcakes, in particular, as you all know, is something that I take pride and joy in. As an entrepreneur myself, it was super sucky to not physically be in attendance for the second Buzz in a row. Oh well. Atleast my double D’s were there.
MADrenegade: Your Next MoveSo I have been trying to get back into the loop without a smartphone. And yes, it’s a bit more difficult, but hey, I’m making it work. On Friday, I managed to actually have a somewhat free morning so I signed up last-minute for SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) SFU’s MADrenegade event, Your Next Move. Even though SIFE events are dedicated mainly towards design students, I thought I could learn from it — and I did. Tons of do’s and don’ts in terms of expectations with clients which may be applied to any business or organization. Vincent Wong from RF Productions was the keynote speaker and I learned a ton even though he was speaking from the design perspective. And I also randomly won a free 1-year domain name. Personal website for my next venture? I think so.
Day in the LifeAs you may know, I have been working super hard for the past six months in YWiB SFU’s Project GIVE program in developing a non-profit organization, Day in the Life (DITL). Our program connects youth with professionals in various industries, giving them the opportunity to shadow them, thus experiencing a “day in the life”. The wrap up for the program was this afternoon where we presented a thoroughly detailed business plan in front of a panel of judges in hopes of receiving $2000 from the Canadian Social Entrepreneurship Foundation (CSEF). Although we did not win, we, of course, are still going through with our program and have managed to scoop out some potential mentors for DITL. The whole process of writing a business plan, contacting potential members, our target market, figuring out financials, running our social media streams — the whole PROCESS has been extremely valuable and I am so thankful for taking this project on. I have learned so much that I would have not learned in school, especially considering my background in the Arts. This is probably the best project I have ever worked on and I am extremely proud of my group. And also, our super awesome mentor, Val Litwin (of Blo Blow Dry Bar fame), thank you for being so encouraging and helpful throughout this whole journey. Sad this part of the journey is over…but I am also super excited to actually launch this program! Day in the Life. Fall 2011/Spring 2012. Keep your eye out for it.


/boring nerdy school post.

There has only been one thing one my mind as of late: school. As the semester is quickly coming to a close, with that comes an enormous avalanche of term papers, last minute presentations, wrap-up and group projects, and of course, the dreaded final exam. Only two term papers this semester, 12-15 pages, totally doable. I actually really quite enjoy writing papers — I’m a nerd like that. Haven’t thought of a topic for my Violence Against Women class but I’m actually starting one up one of my papers next week for my Minorities in Criminal Justice class just to get that out of the way. If my proposed topic is approved, I will be writing on Canada’s Live-In Caregiver Program (LCP) and how it is detrimental and further marginalizes immigrants from third-world countries in specific reference to Filipino women. I am of Filipino descent and my family has employed “nannies” (as they so call it) on the basis on sponsorship and I think I would be able to bring a different angle to the table. I think sponsorship (not only in terms of domestic work) is a terrible thing. Yes, I am fully aware that employers are giving immigrants a chance to come to Canada, but only in terms of underpaying them because no Canadian citizen would ever rightfully do that work for such a low amount of wage?  I think it’s disgusting. And sad too because it happens frequently in this country. For example, I know of certain employers that sponsor immigrants to come to Canada, pay them at a lower wage than other employees, and do not pay their employees overtime. It is really disturbing.

On a lighter note, Project GIVE is almost a wrap! Two more weeks to go until the panel presentation. We’ve got some awesome ideas planned specifically for our presentation and a killer theme that will metaphorically (along with our theme) sweep the judges off their feet! Our theme is kick-ass and our mentor, Val Litwin, was so impressed with us and all the work we have accomplished thus far. Best…mentor…EVER! Excited to finish this part of the project. Next step? Going out into the world and actually making this project a reality. And change some lives in the mix too.

My enrollment date was earlier this afternoon. After much consideration, I have decided to sign up for more than one class for summer semester. I am taking CRIM 369 DE (Ethics), CRIM 312 DE (Current Social Problems) and SA 337 (Sexuality and Society). Pretty UNstoked for the Crim courses I’m taking as I have heard they are extremely writing heavy… Pretty sure I’ll be writing over 200 pages (I’m not even exaggerating) this summer. I am pretty excited for my Sociology class because I have waited 4 years to take another class with the legendar, Ann Travers. Super excited. I was actually enrolled in this class two summers ago but she had cancelled it due to unforeseen circumstances. Pretty effing stoked.

I also have a super genius plan for my last year in university. So… yes, I’ve enrolled in my last few courses in the summer (will be taking my very last one in Fall 2011). SO my plan is to take summer semester, do my practicum/field practice and last course in the fall, and then off to study abroad in Spring 2012. Sounds amazing, right? Apparently I will have to talk to the International Studies department and beg for them for accept me into Spring 2012’s field exchange because they discourage people from studying abroad during their last semester. BUT the thing is, I will have completed my 120 credits and satisfied all of my requirements needed for graduation by Fall 2011 that next spring semester won’t even be needed. So… what’s the deal!??! Grrr.

In other news, I was nominated randomly and elected as the new Forum Representative of the Criminology Student Assocation.  Yay?

And in disgustingly offensive news, I gave my number out to a token old guy who was in a number of my Crim classes based purely on “study purposes”. What a fool I am. I know it was stupid but goddammit, I’m regretting it now. FML.

Goodbye social life.

It’s that time of year again. March. Just like November, it’s the month of hell for many undergraduate students such as myself. Weekly stats assignments and meetings, papers due every week, Project GIVE presentation at the end of the month, work x2, presentations and projects, and not to mention the start of a new job (worst timing ever!!!), I have to say that I will be turning into a hermit for the next little while. Although there may be an extremely limited number of openings for my time next week if you want me to pencil you in.

Project GIVE.

YWiB Project GIVEAs you may or may not know, I am involved with a extracurricular program at SFU with Young Women in Business called Project GIVE (Generating Innovative Visions of Entrepreneurship).  This 6-month program is in its first year and gives a chance for young women, such as myself, to generate ideas of social entrepreneurship and actually implement their ideas (if they choose to do so) in the community. I have such an amazing team and an incredible mentor — I really think we can go big with our idea. Unfortunately, I won’t be revealing the details on here since it is top secret! The panel, however, is at the end of  March where we will present to the judges our idea and will be distributed $2000 in funding to start up the program. Pretty neat, eh? Just a little over a month to go!

Photo courtesy of SFU Business.