Shallow? Racist? REALLY!?!?

“Shallow” was a word I often heard when I was single and on the hunt for a man. And yeah, I admit that I still am a little shallow but why does that word have to be used with such negative connotations? I hardly see it as a bad thing; in fact, I see it as a positive. My definition of “shallow” would be havingpreference, knowing what I want (atleast at this age), and getting it. Sure, I may have certain “criteria” that I would like to have see fulfilled but it’s certainly not rigid. My boyfriend isn’t half the things I was looking for in a guy but hey, I’m happy because he still satisfies a) b) and c).

Honestly, I’m just writing this post out of spite because of a recent comment on one of my past entries. I’m not too irked that he called me “shallow” but moreso on the fact that he called me racist for having a preference for white guys. Um…no? I’m dating a guy who’s half Colombian and half Chinese. And everybody has their own preferences and biases. I’m sure this person who commented isn’t attracted to every race. I assumed this was common knowledge in this day and age. Guess not.

And I really don’t know what I am defending myself on my own blog. It’s rare that I let things get to me but I guess I’m just really bored at work right now (hence why I’m writing this so damn early). Moral of the story? Live and let live, bitch. Or should I say, write and let write. It’s my blog. ‘Nuff said.