Vegas round 2!??!

This past weekend in Seattle was a wild one. Comparable to my last trip to Las Vegas last year over May Long Weekend in the sense that I was constantly in the WTF? mindset. I honestly wish I had pictures to show you but my camera broke the night before (actually, I think it broke on St. Paddy’s Day…another story). Some parts were actually NSFW so perhaps it’s a good idea that there are no pictures… Anyways.

It was Friday. The sun was shining, had a tankful of gas, and was accompanied by a great group of girls, our trip to Seattle started off amazingly. Despite the horrendous traffic and manouevering through both Vancouver and Seattle rush hour, we made it to our destination: the Renaissance Hotel, our home for the weekend. Situated in the heart of downtown, it was perfect. Couldn’t have asked for a better location. Sweet.

Hungry and tired, we ventured out to Pink Door for some Italian and burlesque. Unfortunately for us, the burlesque show is only on Saturdays (doh!) but we still managed to score front row for the live entertainment which was an excellent accompaniment to our fresh pastas and budino. Had a little vino and bubbly, we hit the town. Where to go? After going to this disgusting bar called the Alibi Room (the gum wall was right outside of it — should’ve gotten the hint), we asked around and were saved by this awesome street performer. “1st Avenue”, he said. So we ventured off and we see a club that we previously researched on: Amber. And you wouldn’t BELIEVE who I ran into on the way: my ex, Carmen. WTF? The whole point of this trip was to have a girl’s weekend and to get AWAY from people. Oh well. Turns out one of his friends was having a stag down there for the whole weekend. Well, if you can’t escape ’em, might as well join ’em. And free alcohol, VIP status, and a hot tub afterparty? Can’t really say no. And if that wasn’t coincidental enough, the whole bachelor party was staying at the Renaissance too! Double WTF? And then married men hitting on me. Triple WTF? Of course this shit happens to me. Isn’t life funny? Anyways, my ex and all his friends were a definite contributing to the amazingness of my weekend, no lie. We also did a round 2 at Seesound Lounge and List as well. Who knew running into your ex could be a good thing?

Drunken times aside, the rest of the time was spent to eating and shopping. I had the most amazing chipotle mac ‘n cheese from Beecher’s, corned beef hash at Bacco’s, the freshest dungeness crab cocktail (x2) at Pike Place Market, beef ‘n cheese piroshkies at Piroshky Piroshky, garlic noodles at PF Chang’s (don’t judge, I absolutely love that place, despite being the only Asians in there — and we were not lost), buffalo mushroom and truffle cheese pizza at Serious Pie, and a hot mess bitch (biscuits with grits, sausage gravy, scrambled egg, cheddar cheese, jalapenos, smoked sausage, yup) at Biscuit Bitch. As for purchases, I kind of went crazy. I hardly ever shop in physical stores anymore but was able to get some serious deals. Fur vest ($31!!!), tights, new Betsey Johnson handbag, Betsey Johnson bowtie earrings, Seychelles lace-up leather wedge booties, Michael Kors wallet…and flaming hot crunchy Cheetos and mega mystery Stride gum (I love buying shit that we can’t find in Canada!). Quite happy with my purchases. Too bad I can’t salivate over them until Wednesday cus I left them over at my bf’s place. Go me.

Overall, great weekend! Not Vegas but it was definitely comparable in a non-glam, casual way. Made me see Seattle in a totally different light. Looking forward to going back!

Hello weekend getaways!

I love how my job enables me to travel at a discounted rate – yay! Besides my trip to Asia this coming October, I am definitely looking forward to traveling in general, even if it is just for a quick getaway. So what is it for this weekend? Seattle with my ladies. Eat, shop, drink… yes please! See y’all on Monday!

It all ends: 7.15.

If you got that tagline, you know I’m talking about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. And I’m not just talking about the movie, I’m talking about the WHOLE DAMN SERIES. Harry Potter has been such a huge part of my life. After being introduced to it when I was 10 (I was actually a late-bloomer, believe it or not. I got into it right before the Prisoner of Azkaban came out, also my favourite book out of the series), I just couldn’t stop reading it. It was like an addiction. I don’t know about anybody else, but I am actually super obsessed with it. I read the series every single summer (yes, the whole series) and dress up for each book and movie release (with an official Gryffindor costume and two scarves from the Seattle exhibit and Harry Potter Wizarding World). I also used to be widely obsessed with the ultimate Harry Potter test in which I got all 400 questions right. Yes. I am a self-profound nerd within the realm of Harry Potter…and it all ends tonight. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to live. No more books? No more movies? Of course we can live on through Pottermore but it’s just not the same. Here’s to the end of the best 12 years of my life!

Oh fuck. I just watched the trailer for the billionth time and started tearing up. AHHHH t-minus 11 hours and 10 minutes!!!

Seattle: Part deux.

SeattleSo I spontaneously went to Seattle this past weekend to support a friend of mine who was in the Spirit Cheer Best in the Northwest Nationals in Tacoma. Despite the drama that happened prior to us coming down, I actually had a lot of fun! It was great to escape Vancouver for a little bit even though that time should have been dedicated to studying. Oops.
Jack in the Box Junk food Chips Taco Bell
Of course, whenever I head down to the States, I always go on a junk food binge. First stop when we arrived? Jack in the Box. I have never tried Jack in the Box ever so I gotta say that I was pretty excited. A group of three small Asian girls, we ordered the Cheese Fries and Sliders. By the time we finished that, it was too late to go to the club so we went to 7-11 and picked up some $6.99 wine, sausage, sandwiches, and a wide flavour assortment of chips. Classy, I know. Passed out, woke up, and got free breakfast (biscuits and sausage gravy, omg) at a ridiculous hour (6:00am!!!) which was actually pretty decent. Um… and it didn’t stop there. Had the $5 Box at Taco Bell. Yes. We’re disgusting. What can I say? This is how we do fat.
America's Got Talent We got to the Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center only to find out that the venue was not only hosting the cheer competition, but also America’s Got Talent. I had contemplated randomly lining up and auditioning but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I tried to sneak on camera too, but that didn’t happen either! FAIL.
Avocado Rolls Garlic Noodles BBQ Ranch Salad Cheesecake Factory
After being stuck in Tacoma for a good hour and being bored out of our minds (there really isn’t anything there) as everything was closed on Sundays, we decided to venture out to Downtown Seattle. As if we hadn’t had enough food, we decided to grab some grub at the Cheesecake Factory. Knowing how half the menu is either deep-fried or doused in whipped cream or a heart attack of some sort, we attempted to be “healthy” and consume our food in moderation. What a mistake.  Even the lunch-sized portions were fucking massive. We ordered the Avocado Roll, half order of BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad, and a half order of Garlic Noodles. Avocado Rolls were to f-ing DIE for. So damn good. Garlic Noodles were good as well… thought they would be tossed in olive oil but I swear it was cooked in a white wine or clear sauce. Pretty good as well. And the salad? Disappointing to say the least. Not only was it the simplest to make, the avocados were hard and the onion rings on top were cold even though they had stated it was just made minutes ago. Gross.
KukuruzaAfter some miscommunication, we had to head back to Tacoma. By the bus stop was this cute little gourmet popcorn place called Kukuruza. I had to get a small gift for gym guy so I bought him a tin of the Maple Bacon popcorn. So good! Will have to try the Tuxedo flavour next time. Also passed by a Seattle-version of Japadog, Gourmet Dog Japon, which was also on the way to our bus stop. Similar, but different flavours. I love street food, so I will definitely have to try this next time I’m in town.
Spirit Cheer Spirit Cheer
Back to the convention centre. Sigh. I miss cheer so much. So weird being there as a spectator and not as a competitor. It’s okay though — I had so much fun! Great teams out there, honestly. Especially on American turf. My friend’s team, Panthers Athletics, got first place — national champions! Congrats guys!!! Celebrated at the border at Shari’s with a Spring Spinach Omelette and Loaded Potato Soup. We make fat sexy.

All in all, it was a quick getaway. Can’t wait for some real trips later this year!

Still bitter about V-Day.

Cupcake RoyaleYep, I’m still kind of bitter about V-Day, not going to lie. To reinstate, all I got was a text saying “Happy Valentine’s Day” from gym guy. I was aware that he had to make a trip down to Seattle so I guessed he would be busy preparing for his trip. I gave him the chance to make it up when he got back. I received half a dozen cupcakes from my favourite cupcake place in Seattle, Cupcake Royale, including an assortment of all the best flavours: Salted Caramel, Dance Party, Red Velvet, Kate, Lavendar, and Peppermint Party (cupcakes…key to my heart!!!). But what makes this non-special is that he’s already done this before. He’s done so many little sweet things so why didn’t he do anything on Valentine’s Day!?! I know that Valentine’s Day is a super socially constructed Hallmark holiday but still, the romantic in me tells me that it’s the best day ever. So what’s his deal?!?! I really don’t understand. Why does he do all this nice stuff? Is he just a nice guy? Is it because I broke his heart two years ago? Do I have to spell everything out for him!??!? I honestly never thought I would be making a big deal out of this but… WTF?!?! DO I…. dare I say it…. HAVE A CRUSH ON GYM GUY!? Kill me now.

Ringing in the new year.

Happy new year! Fresh from the Greyhound bus with lastnight’s makeup on (classy, I know) I am glad to say I survived NYE 2011 in the States!  I spent NYE in Seattle since I knew I didn’t want to stay in Vancouver with our lame nightclub scene. I went to party with Far East Movement at iMusic with my cheer girls, Steph and Karen, whom I have never travelled with — let’s just say that we need to plan another trip ASAP. So much fun despite the rocky start. And by rocky, I mean I will never travel with Greyhound again. To make a long story short, we missed our initial bus (we were supposed to depart on the 30th) due to miscommunication and stupid idiots that work there. Everything worked out in the end. Nonstop drinking, gorgeous weather, and of course, the food…
PF Changs Icon Grill
Pike Place Market Steelhead Diner
Steelhead Diner Steelhead Diner

Because I was in the States, I had to go to PF Changs. I know, Americanized Chinese food. Don’t judge — it’s so good. Last time I was there in LA, I had the Garlic Noodles and have been trying to recreate it with no success. Obviously I had to order that. Egg noodles tossed with garlic, chilies, fresh cucumber and cilantro. Yum. Steph had ordered the Dan Dan Noodles which were also very good. Spicy, saucy, savoury. Yum. Also had ordered some dim sum as well: Pork and Chicken Sticky Rice and Lemongrass Chicken. Less than stellar. Dumpling wrappers were thick and chewy and just plain unappetizing. Probably should’ve known from going to a White Chinese resto. Never again…yuck. Happy hour drinks were also super yummy and made strong — loved the PFX, hot sake, and Asian Pear Mojito. Great start to NYE!

PF Changs Top Pots Doughnuts
Alas, I have no photos from the actual evening at iMusic due to the major overconsumption of alcohol. Drinking since 3pm during happy hour, downing three bottles of wine, and then more drinks at the club…yeah. Good times!!! Steph had to leave us the next morning due to her fajaaa being in town so me and Karen sought some post-NYE food. After passing by a bunch of closed restaurants, we discovered Icon Grill. After drunkenly buying Kraft Dinner the night before, I was feigning for some mac ‘n cheese. I had ordered the Hog Wild Mac ‘N Cheese since it was apparently a winner at some competition. Delish. Creamy, four cheese sauce topped with slow-roasted pulled pork and caramelized onions. Hello heart attack! Karen had the Shrimp ‘n Grits. Can’t speak for the shrimp since I’m allergic but the grits were just mediocre. Although it was cheesy, it was bland, lacked overall seasoning and salt. Service sucked. Our grumpy server pretty much ruined the experience for us. Boo! Wanting to leave, we didn’t stay for dessert. Instead, went to Top Pot Doughnuts after seeing other foodies (Follow Me Foodie and Sherman’s Food Adventures) rave about it. I had the Maple Cake Doughnut. A cakey, dense doughnut with a super creamy maple glaze. So good and filling.

Harry Potter exhibit Pacific Science Center
Another main reason for coming down to Seattle was for the Westcoast premiere of Harry Potter: The Exhibit at the Pacific Science Center. Featuring costumes and memoribilia from the seven Harry Potter films and me being the biggest diehard fan ever, I had to go. It was such a well-done exhibit! The detailing on the costumes were stunning and just the fact that I was so close to clothes that Professor Snape and Ron Weasley wore made me cream a little. AND I got sorted into Gryffindor, what! Pure amazeballs. Walked out with an official Gryffindor scarf and Chocolate Frog.
Space Needle Pike Place
For our last meal, Karen’s friend had suggested this super awesome restaurant in the center of Pike Place called Steelhead Diner, which features an ongoing changing menu. Right by the wharf and fish market, I thought the menu would be wholely seafood but to my surprise, there were a ton of options for the allergy-ridden me! Since I was already on a roll with the uber-fattening food, I opted for the Herbed Tagliatelle Pasta with Sherry Cream Sauce. The handmade pasta, something I always appreciate, was superb, although it stuck together a little bit, and the shaved black truffles on top added a notch of luxury. So damn good. The desserts, on the otherhand, were definitely not their strong point. Karen had a Vanilla Creme Brulee with Vanilla Shortbread and I had the Lemon Cake with Lemon Curd. Creme Brulee was perfect, not too eggy, definitely more of a creamy prescence. Shortbread was crap. Tasted like a lady finger. My lemon cake did not have any lemon zest or lemon in it… Gah. Oh well. Entrees were amazing though!

Overall, amazing trip. What a great start to 2011! You know what they say, how you spend New Years is the way you spend the rest of the year. Poppin’ bottles in the club like a blizzard in the States for NYE? Looks like this year’s going to be a big one!