New prospects to look forward to.

No, not referring to men. Sorry.

SInce that aspect of my life is pretty bleak, there are, however, a few things that have been a brewing in the past month or so that I have been anxiously and excitedly looking forward to announce. First of all, I made the Western Regionals for the Enterprize Canada Business Plan Competition.  I’m pretty stoked for this.  Ever since the SFU SEY competition I was in last November, I have been looking forward to any opportunities that would let me compete again.  I submitted my business plan and looks like I’ll be competing at UBC on Friday. UBC friends, feel free to holler at me that day/keep me company/cheer me on. Super excited.

I’m also really looking forward to the XY Boom Conference next week. As I have recently completed my undergrad and am desperately looking for a job, this conference is perfect.  It honestly couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. Really looking forward to the speakers, new peers to meet, and professionals to network with.

On a similar note, I did hear back from the one and only job posting in my field. Hurray! Hopefully I am well-suited for it and I nail the interview. We shall see…

2012 sure is looking good so far.

SFU Student Entrepreneur of the Year.

I feel like I’m so behind on blogging! I thought I would have more time to do stuff, but nope, definitely not the case. Just one more week of this mayhem til…freedom! YES.
SFU SEY final roundPhoto credit: SIFE Simon Fraser.

So I was stuck at the Renaissance Harbourside Hotel for 13.5 hours last Saturday for the 2011 SFU Student Entrepreneur of the Year competition. I actually heard about the competition last year while I was interning at the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs. My former boss’ boyfriend was actually the 2008 winner of the competition and I thought to myself, “Gosh, I really gotta do this competition”. Last year, I knew I wasn’t ready so this year I was confident enough to apply. I managed to succeed through the preliminary rounds and secured a spot in the Top 10 as a semi-finalist for my cupcake venture, Dolce Delights.
SFU SEYPhoto credit: SIFE Simon Fraser.

As Tyra Banks would say, the competition was fierce. There was a good array of businesses that emerged from recent graduates and students just like me. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to finals but honestly, I’m kind of glad I didn’t. The judges were ruthless yet informative. I don’t think I recognized any of the “business” terminology they were using. I probably would have started crying. But all in all, a well-put together event! I was glad to represent all the ladies (the only female contender… really!? Girls need to step it up!!) and the Arts. Also received some very good feedback from the semi-finalist judges which I believe will help me succeed.
Dolce DelightsHonestly, I’m a little sad that it’s over. It was definitely a great experience. Learned a lot about business in general and my business itself. Also met some really inspiring individuals and made new connections. I would definitely do it over again if I could.


This post is largely overdue. But since the SFU Student Entrepreneur of the Year is finally over (separate post on that later), I actually have a lot some time nowadays to start blogging again! Yay.

Okay, so one of my favourite artists, LIGHTS, came into town last week.  She performed last Tuesday at the Vogue Theatre. Interesting venue. It was my first time there and I honestly much prefer the Commodore, where she performed last time she was here (that show was 19+). I don’t know; there’s just something about seated arrangements in small theatres. It just doesn’t work. The only plus was that anywhere you sat, you were guaranteed an awesome view. And also we got to sit through her opening act (I don’t even remember the name… Nightbox?) whom I didn’t like.
Me and CarolineAnyways, I was absolutely ecstatic when LIGHTS came on. She’s amazing live — so intimate, soothing voice, and well, she’s a total babe. She opened the concert with her song, “Banner”, and continued on with the show highlighting most of her songs on her new album, Siberia. When she performed “Flux and Flow”, I was completely caught off-guard when guest rapper, Shad, jumped on stage! AMAZING. And you know what that means… yep, he even stuck around for one of my fave songs, “Everybody Breaks a Glass”. So unexpected. Stellar performance. I was just disappointed that her set was actually pretty short. I think it was like, an hour and 15 minutes? She didn’t perform “Peace Sign”, “Fourth Dimension”, or “Cactus in the Valley” which I was looking forward to… or even “Drive My Soul!”. Darn. S’all good though. It was a good break from all the stress I was having last week!
LIGHTS at Vogue Theatre
LIGHTS at Vogue Theatre
LIGHTS at Vogue Theatre


…is the big day! Competing in my first ever business competition, SFU Student Entrepreneur of the Year,  for Dolce Delights. Holy crap. Let’s do this.


It’s only Wednesday and already it’s been an incredible week for me and my baby biz, Dolce Delights. I am delighted (haha) to announce some very exciting things…

1) I am a semi-finalist in the fourth annual SFU Student Entrepreneur of the Year Competition. Um, what the heck!? Amazing! I am so VERY excited to pitch my business in front of an actual audience in just over a couple of weeks! So far, I’m in the Top 10. Semi-finalists all compete in the morning of Saturday, November 19th, at the Renaissance Harbour Hotel. If successful, I will go onto the Top 4 – Finalists category and compete for the big one….in public! Woot. I am hoping for that. But there is some intense (and familiar) competition! All I gotta say is GIRL POWER.

2) I just received word (nah, it was just an email) that I am a finalist in the first ever, 2011 Notable Awards! Top 4 in the Lifestyles Services category, guys… Your votes and all of your support have gotten me this far and I honestly cannot thank you enough. This is amazingly huge news! And I am super taken aback by it… I am seriously considering flying out next week for the actual awards ceremony in Toronto where the winner will be announced… But wow, an honour, really… Thank you!

And what better way of celebrating with my newfound obsession? Sugar bun from Giovane‘s. F yes.

More exciting news!

And to continue with yesterday’s post, here’s what else I’ve been doing but with my cupcake company, Dolce Delights!

Young Women in Business (YWiB) SFU Launch Party

YWiB SFUAs a proud member of YWiB SFU, I was completely thrilled when they contacted me to partner up for the 2011 launch party. Sadly, I wasn’t even there! I heard it was a blast, however, and the cupcakes were gone within minutes. Looked like a super fun event though!

Invito Couture Grand Reopening Party

Dolce Delights at Invito Couture Grand ReopeningAnother event that I sadly had to have missed. Invito Couture, a store selling beautiful gowns and cocktail dresses imported from Turkey, recently moved to a bigger and better (and more suitable) location on South Granville. The night was filled with wine and cupcakes — match made in heaven.

SFU Student Entrepreneur of the Year 2011

SFU Student Entrepreneur of the YearSEY. Okay, this is actually something I have been waiting for since last year. The name’s pretty self-explanatory. Hesitant to compete last year, I felt that I was ready for the competition this time around. Currently in the preliminary rounds, I’ll get to know if I made the second phase by Halloween. Crossing fingers. It’s kind of a really big deal and I am so excited to be taking part in this!

The 2011 Notable Awards

2011 Notable Awards Now this one came as a complete surprise to me. I noticed an ad in the Metro paper last week that nominations were ending for the Notable Awards. What’s that? It’s basically an award that recognizes up-and-coming young professionals in various categories all across Canada. I had nothing to lose… and guess what… I MADE IT IN THE TOP 10 IN THE LIFESTYLE SERVICES CATEGORY! What the HELL. Pretty exciting news. Big deal? Kinda. I’m up against two Food Network chefs (OMG CHUCK HUGHES!!!) and local foodies, Erin Ireland and Gourmet Fury! Finalists go to Toronto nexts month for the actual awards ceremony. Please vote for me?!

And that’s, that! Some sweet news may materialize within the next week or so. God. I love being 22.