First stop: Taipei.

So I’m about half an hour away from boarding and I am super stoked. I remember when I graduated from SFU, that the first thing I wanted to do was travel somewhere on my own. Although I am going with my friends, this is still a semi-huge milestone for me. I am somewhat traveling on my own going to Taipei (with two grueling stopovers and finding out that Delta Airlines does not include gate numbers on their boarding passes — I’ll need to find these myself with an hour stopover, yay) and definitely for the first five to six hours in Japan. This is going to be an adventure. This is something (and somewhere) I’ve always wanted to travel to. I just hope everything goes as planned.

Anyways, time to board!

Off to Asia tomorrow!

I can’t believe by this time tomorrow, I will be on a flight to Taipei. By myself. Holy crap. Is this really happening? Yup. So excited. Can’t hardly wait.

But it’s funny (well, not really) because this almost didn’t happen. Long story short, I had to rebook my flight last minute yesterday. I was on the phone with Expedia who, might I add, were very accommodating but in the end, they couldn’t do much to help me except cancel my original flight. Basically, the there was a small typo on my ticket which I thought would be no problem to fix. But no, it was apparently a big deal with Japan Airlines and they would not amend my name on the ticket. Fuckers! So pretty much, I had to scramble and get my shit together and find a new flight and pay a $200 cancellation fee. LUCKILY (and I seriously emphasize luckily), I was able to find a cheap flight via Delta Air that was actually $60 cheaper than my initial purchase. So, I basically just had to fork out $140 extra which isn’t bad. Thank god for Expedia was asking $1800… ha! Like I’m made out of money.

Anyways, since that is all out of the way, I am getting seriously excited for my next few weeks in Asia. I will be meeting my friends there and will have a few hours to myself to explore Japan when I get there.

Any recommendations? Just staying in Tokyo with no real itinerary.

Helloooooo vacation!!!

On another note, I have started a food blog (recipe-sharing blog to be specific), Umami & Me. Finally!