Victoria: Surprise edition.

I love surprising my friends. Especially when they are so unsuspecting of it.

Last weekend, a couple girlfriends of mine decided to spontaneously go to Victoria to visit our friend Cookie for her birthday. Let’s just say that everything worked out to plan. Like to the tee. It was absolutely perfect. From me barely catching the ferry, getting her to stay put at home for a “Skype date”, and even down to the exact minute that the bus came thanks to GoogleMaps, our mission was accomplished. Surprised her right at her doorstep and told her to pack her bags for an overnight stay at the Marriott (yes, reaping my discounts ASAP). A little pho, a little lot of drink, and a hell of a lot of dancing at Upstairs, I can safely say that it was a perfect weekend. Thanks girls.

Fabulous weekend. Can’t wait for the next adventure, ladies.


One of my very good friends, Cookie, goes to UViC and since I was craving for a mini getaway, I thought “Why not go visit her in Victoria?”. So I managed to persuade my friend Mimi (it wasn’t hard at all) to come with and, well, what do you know, it’s the old 2011 Harrison Hot Springs crew aka we knew were gonna wreck havoc. All in all, it was a quick but great trip spent with two of my favourite ladies. Double decker busses, mi goreng x 7, chocolate-covered polvoron, the only time we were happy to see Applebee’s, QUIDDITCH, 9one9, noodle time, pho times, Red Fish Blue Fish’s spot prawn mayo, KETCHUPY, carbicide, girl talk boy talk, “wever”, Mimi’s possessed face… Good times, girls! Until the next mi goreng party.
Double decker busses in Victoria
Me and Mimi
Me and Mimi
Me and Cookie

Red Fish Blue Fish
The Empress

1. Double decker busses! 2. Ferry boat ride. 3. Not even a fraction of the damage we did. 4. Me and Mimz. 5. Me and Cookie. 6. UVic. 7. Quiddtch. 8. Brisket and flank pho at Pho Vy. Mandatory, obviously. 9. Halibut fish ‘n chips with spot prawn mayo at Red Fish Blue Fish (as seen on the Food Network’s Eat Street) 10. Wharf. 11. The Empress. 12. Nighttime sky.